Which Portable Solar Panels Are Best For Emergencies and Power Outages?

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Who wants to know which portable solar panels are best for emergencies and power outages? Blackouts have happened to us all at one time or another, and there is nothing worse than no power.

Some of us have even been involved in disasters with the power out for long periods. And there is nothing more frustrating than the power going off at night, leaving you in the dark. With just a candle and a box of matches to light up the night.

So how can you use portable solar panels to be prepared for emergencies and power outages?

Which Portable Solar Panels Are Best For Emergencies And Power Outages?

“A portable solar panel can be used for electricity emergencies and power outages but not on its own. This is because a portable solar panel doesn’t store energy. They charge batteries like 12v leisure batteries, power banks, and power stations. And to keep the batteries charged ready for action, you can use a portable solar panel. I KNOW you can keep batteries charged from mains power, but that isn’t free. You do want to charge for free, don’t you? The sun is the best option because portable panels can be used over and over again. Mains power isn’t just expensive, and you have to keep paying for it !!”

Some Facts About Emergencies And Power Outages

But the effects of climate change due to global warming. Emergencies and power outages are on the rise all over the world. And there is a growing problem not just from natural disasters. Imagine if there was no electricity at all for a week or two or even longer.

What would life be like? I think if you asked anybody from New Orleans caught up in the 2005 flood. They would tell you to have some sort of backup power in place, 

Portable Solar Panels For Emergencies - Flood
I am not some kind of survivalist enthusiast. 

But if you live in a coastal area, it might be time to start thinking about flooding. Because with higher sea temperatures and melting ice caps comes rising water levels.

If you live inland, arid conditions can cause wildfires which will also knock the power out. And, of course, there is always the threat of tornadoes and hurricanes causing power outages.

For example in 2020 from October 26 to 28, an ice storm, bringing snow from New Mexico into the state of Oklahoma and northern Texas, left over 400,000 people without power in Oklahoma for multiple days, with over 40,000 still without power 10 days after. (Source: Wikipedia)

Generally, power outages last 6 hours on average at the time of writing. But that is the average, and they can stay for prolonged periods. Not just keeping you in the dark but knocking your wi-fi out. And leaving you unable to charge your phone or laptop or make a hot drink. 

This is a video made by FEMA talking about how to be prepared for blackouts.

Charging Power Banks With Portable Solar Chargers

Portable solar chargers are smaller portable solar panels. They are soft fold-up with between 1 and 4 panels sewn into a polymer carcass.

They usually have a junction box fitted into a protective pouch. That houses between 1 and 3 USB charging ports. The ports can be used to charge a mobile phone’s battery directly. Or a small portable battery called a power bank.

Power Bank

Power Banks are small and very light portable batteries. They are capable of charging electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and fans. Very useful to have during a power outage or emergency. Because they will keep your devices charged, keeping you in touch with the outside world. 

This means you would be able to call for help or speak to relatives and friends. If it was hot, it would run a USB fan to keep you cool. And if you were fortunate enough to have a USB light. It would provide some illumination at night and not be totally reliant on candles.

Portable Panels For Emergencies - smartphone
What other Uses are there for a portable solar charger and power bank 

A portable solar charger and power bank are also handy for hiking, camping, cycling, and traveling around. This is because anytime you are off-grid, the solar charger and power bank. Will keep your essential electronics charged and fully functional and you in touch with the rest of the world.

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Charging Power Stations with Portable Solar Panels

Portable power stations and solar panels are the best solar solution you can own when the power is off. This combo will not only charge electronic devices.

The portable power station will also power household appliances. This is because it has a built-in inverter. The inverter turns the DC current the solar panels produce into AC mains power.

What will the portable power station power? 

This means you can power anything from lights, TVs, electric blankets, coffee makers to a CPAP. And, of course, keep the wi-fi going.

It’s funny how life has changed so much that wi-fi is more important than food. But I digress. This all means that you will be able to keep tabs on what is going on. Make a hot drink, stay warm, have light, and have some entertainment.

Portable Panels For Emergencies - Wi-Fi

And if you were fortunate enough to be a camper and you had a camping grill and mini-fridge. You could use the DC outlets to cook and have refrigeration. Larger power stations will power domestic fridge freezers and some electric cooking rings.

But they drain the battery very quickly. So if you are worried about or are experiencing power outages and emergencies. It might be a good idea to think about investing in camping equipment. 

Keeping the power station charged in case of a power outage or emergencies

I know what you are thinking. What if you haven’t kept the power station charged and the lights go out? The solar panels do not work at night, so what do you do? The station can be charged in three ways.

With the portable solar panels, a household power outlet, and your vehicle’s cigarette port. So the solution is to start the car up and plug it into the cig port to charge. But as a rule of thumb, keeping the power station charged to at least 80%. It will give peace of mind if there does happen to be a power cut.

Portable Panels For Emergencies - Hurricane
What other Uses are there for a portable solar panel and power station

The power station can be used around the home for various charging and powering duties such as;

  • Blender
  • Ice Shaver
  • Coffee Maker 
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Lamps/Lights
  • TV
  • Wall mounted air conditioning units 
  • Garden/Exterior Lights,
  • Sound Systems
  • Drills and more …….
  • All Electronic Devices

This will save on your electricity bills because you will be charging the power station with solar panels. And as the saying goes, every little helps.

If you are environmentally conscious. The solar panel/power station combo will help reduce your carbon footprint. And if you are looking to start to become energy self-sufficient, this kind of combo is an excellent way to start.

Off-grid electrical power generation

The solar panel/power station combo is fantastic for off-grid electrical power generation. The applications are endless. With the right power station, you can be virtually energy self-sufficient.

Especially if you have a recreational vehicle or camper. This is because if you add a separate solar controller. You can also charge your 12v leisure batteries with solar panels. Great uses for the combo include;

  • Camping
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Boondocking
  • Days out
  • Vacations
  • Road Trips
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Caravan/Trailer

To name just a few, whatever you use the combo for, it will save you money and be environmentally friendly.

Portable Panels For Emergencies - Environment

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Charging 12V Leisure Batteries With Flexible Or Rigid Portable Solar Panels

You can also use 12v leisure batteries and solar panels for emergency backup. This method is a little messier than using portable solar panels and a power station.

This is because you would have to buy all the components separately. And the leisure batteries need to be kept in dry, cool conditions. Which means keeping them in an outbuilding or boxing them in, making sure it was watertight. 

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But if you are good at DIY, you could make a perfect backup system. This could be achieved by linking several deep cycle batteries together in series. The components you would need to complete this are;

  • Flexible Or Rigid Solar Panels
  • Deep Cycle 12V Batteries
  • Solar Controller
  • Inverter
  • All Cabling

The solar panels could be permanently mounted on an outbuilding roof. Or mounted in a frame in the garden or yard. The significant part about this kind of setup is that the solar panels would constantly charge the batteries.

This means that if there were an emergency or power outages and it occurred at night. The power would be there already on tap. 

Portable Panels For Emergencies - Fire

You might be thinking that if the batteries were charging all day, every day. They would overcharge and become unstable or unusable. The solar charger takes care of that and makes sure that doesn’t happen.

This type of system may have a disadvantage during flooding. If the batteries are housed at ground level. This is because the system would short out if the water came into contact with the batteries.

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My Closing Thoughts

The 3 best methods I have presented are to use portable solar panels in emergencies and power outages. They have different advantages, but it all boils down to how prepared you want to be.

If you are thinking that it would be nice to keep your phone charged. Then a portable solar charger/power bank combo is appropriate. A portable solar panel/power station combo might be better. Because you also might want to be able to power electrical appliances.

But a more permanent, always ready system like a portable solar panel and 12V leisure batteries might be what you are leaning towards.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be prepared for emergencies and power outages. They are growing in frequency. And there is nothing worse than being caught in the dark with your pants down !!! 

One of the best emergency power backup solar panel/power station combos comes from Bluetti. It will even charge an electric vehicle.

You can take a look at my AC200p 2000w review here

I hope you enjoyed my post and have found it helpful. If you have any questions about portable solar panels, emergencies, and power outages. Or want to leave your own personal thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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    1. Hello,

      This article tackles a very current issue related to power outages all around the world. Though they are quite rare in France, I experienced power outages three times last year in three consecutive months. So, I know that portable solar panels would be very useful for me, especially because I mainly work with a laptop (I work from home) and I couldn’t live without it. No laptop, no bread in my mouth! Just to ask if there is a specific brand that you recommend?

      1. Hi Angel

        Yes there is a growing problem around the world with blackouts. But they are also rare here in the UK except for when we have severe floods. 

        Yes Renogy are a good brand distributing all over the world. I have taken the liberty of including this link to a review I have done. For a small portable solar panel and power station. Great for keeping the laptop going. You can take a look at if you like. Renogy E.Flex 50 Portable Solar Panel with Phoenix 200 Solar Power Station

        If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to get in touch 



    2. Very important and useful article, because many of us suffer from power outages, especially in emergency situations.

      Your introduction to portable solar panels and their components is very important for those who don’t know anything about them, like me.

      In the article, you explained how to use and benefit from the power bank, as well as other uses for it until help is requested, this is great

      A very informative article for the readers

      best wishes.

      1. Hi Ahmed 

        Power outages are a pain in the neck when they occur. And people do not realise there is an alternative to sitting in the dark with candles. This is because they think portable solar power is to “techie” to use. But is in fact very easy. I am pleased that you have found the article useful.



    3. Great article! My hometown is frequently hit by typhoons. There’s also some mismanagement with the local electric cooperative that brown-outs are almost a daily experience for the whole province. Households are mostly considering solar power units for these reasons. Hopefully, I get to afford some more long term solution for my household too. We just have powerbanks for now and small solar batteries for emergency lights.

      1. Hi Mary Rose

        Sorry I have been on holiday just got back today so sorry it has taken a while to reply to you. Thank you I am so pleased you liked my article. Sounds like you have real problems with black outs. I hope you can get the money together to sort it out soon.


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