What Is The Best Portable Solar Generator?

What Is The Best Portable Solar Generator

What is the best portable solar generator? In the past, if you wanted portable power, you would have to have turned to a fossil-fuel generator. Let’s be honest, carrying a heavy, essentially mini engine, to the beach, to charge your mobile phone was ludicrous. Running on gasoline, noisy and smelly, your beach neighbors would have been horrified.

Now, through sun power, you can do just that, whilst avoiding the ugly looks and complaints of your beach neighbors. Because, portable solar generators are smaller and more compact than gasoline generators. Best of all there is no smell or noise and can be take anywhere. Easily transported, they’ll fit into a small car along with the solar panels that charge them. If you like, backpacking, walking or jogging they can fit into your pocket. Many come already built into portable solar panels, that you can fold-up or even attach to your backpack.

This guide is intended to walk you through the best types of solar generator to use for various different activities.

What is the best portable solar generator?

That question firstly needs answering by asking yourself:

  • What purpose will I be using the portable solar generator for?

    This will be determined by the watt-hour (wh) and cost that best suits your purpose.

In case, you didn’t know, watt-hour is the rate of energy your portable solar generator will produce, to charge or power an electrical application per hour. You can find a technical explanation here (source: WhatIs.com), if you have a mind. The higher the wh, the more devices you can charge, (and how quickly) and the type of electrical appliances you are able to power.

Your next questions should be:

  • What electronic devises or electrical appliances do I want to charge or power?

This will depend on what activity you want to use the portable solar generator for. A day at the park, at the beach, in the forest, or by a lake. On a two-week camping vacation, a short break or permanently traveling around (Boondocking). Am I traveling to my destination on foot, in a car or RV.

Backpacking for instance, requires a much smaller solar generator to charge a mobile phone or music player. A larger unit may be required when out and about in the car for the day. To charge electronic devices such as a tablet or power a cooler. Or, the capability to charge multiple electronic devices and power appliances, such as an electric grill when camping. These activities, will require a much larger portable solar generator. Those sausages smell good !!!!

The Best Solar Generator for Day’s Out In the Car

What type of solar generator would I need for power when I am out on a day trip?

Foldable solar panel

That depends on what type of things you want to charge or power. If. you need to charge electronic devices only, you could use either a portable solar panel with the generator already built in. Alternatively a small generator with separate panels could be the way to go. Both have USB ports to connect to charge electronic devices.

  • Solar Panel with built in generator

For maximum portability, a foldable all in one solar panel will do the job nicely to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices. They are lightweight, ideal for use at the beach, at parks or lakes or just day tripping.

An interesting example is:

CHOETECH Solar Charger, 22W Waterproof Portable Dual USB Outdoor Solar Panel Charger 
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The about item says, this can charge an I-phone, I-Pad, android devices, tablets, Kindle, camera, go Pro, laptop, power bank, speaker, e-cig, air pods, headlamp and more. This set up is also competitively priced

  • Solar generator with separate solar panels

Perhaps, you would like to charge multiple electronic devices at the same time, because, children need entertaining too. A generator with separate solar panels would be a good solution.

An example of which is:

  • A generator on its own
    This 240wh solar generator manufactured by Jackery will charge all electronic devices, laptops and power 60w mini coolers. There is a DC outlet port, and for use in a blackout there is a AC outlet. Plus it won’t break the bank.
  • A generator with solar panels
    This solar kit, manufactured by Jackery features the 167Wh generator and a 60w foldable solar panel. Reasonably priced, this kit will handle your power requirements on days out. It is light and portable and will easily fit into a car.

The Best Solar Generator For Trips, Vacations, Camping, RV Living and Boats

What type of solar powered generator will I need for a trip or vacation?

When you are on vacation or a trip, camping, or using your RV or sailing, your probably going to need more power. Traveling with a small portable solar kit is fine, but what if you want to fry up some bacon when camping?. A small kit just isn’t going to cut it, the solution is to travel with a larger kit.

A generator and separate panels will be required to accomplish frying bacon.

Depleted charge on a mobile phone
An interesting illustration of which is:
  • A generator on its own
    This 1002wh generator manufactured by Jackery, will charge all electronic devises. It will power an electric grill, blender, mini fridge, coffee maker, pressure cooker and TV. Great for use in a power outage. A much higher priced unit, however for those little luxuries worth the cost.
  • A generator with solar panels
    This solar power kit manufactured by Jackery features the 1002wh generator and 2 x 100w solar panels. Coming in at under 1.500, this kit will handle a variety of uses for trips, vacations, camping, RV living, and sailing. It is still very portable although, the generator is heavier than the 167wh version.

The Best Solar Generator for Backpacking, Hiking or Rock climbing


What type of power generation system will I need for backpacking or hiking?

Out on your own or with friends, backpacking, hiking, cycling and rock climbing can be a rewarding experience. However, when out and about for extended periods of time, risking your phone or music players battery failing, can be a pain in the neck. You can now put all that behind you because, through the power of the sun, you needn’t worry.

Portable solar powered generators are the perfect solution, charging your personal electronic devices has never been easier.

  • A portable foldable solar powered generator

These generators are very light and incorporate the solar panel and generator into a single unit. They can even be attached to the rear of your pack, so you can harvest sunlight on the move. However, you can still lay them out on the ground during rest periods, to capture maximum sun rays.

A great illustration of this is:
  • BigBlue’s 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger(5V/4.8A Max), Foldable Portable Solar Phone Charger
    This unit can charge both android and I-phones as well as tablets. It is waterproof and BigBlue ensure 100% safe charging. It is a little more expensive than others on the market. However, you know you are buying a quality product from a top manufacturer.


Solar generators do have some limitations. The portable solar panels re-charge the generator. Because of the panels low wattage capacity, compared to panels used in a residential system, they can be slow to re-charge the generator. So the rate of re-charge is governed by the wattage, number and size of the solar panels and the amount of available sunlight. Although the panels will still charge the generator in cloudy conditions, but at a reduced rate.

Shady conditions can also be a limitation, especially if the solar panels are placed near overhangs. So for example, if you are in and around a forest, it is best to regularly check your solar panels are not shaded.

However, I am sure you will agree, that compared to a gasoline portable generator, these limitations are far outweighed by the benefits. With further advances in solar panel technology that will surely come, these current limitations will be a thing of the past.

Whatever your need for off-grid energy, solar power generators will fit that purpose. The practicality of solar generators is beyond question,

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So next time you are thinking about purchasing a portable generator, consider solar first.  You may not have realised that your generator can be useful at home. Instead of packing it away to gather dust until your next trip. Why not keep it handy, to use in the garden or powering exterior lights. This will save some money on your electric power bill and it won’t annoy your neighbors.

I hope you have enjoyed my answer.
Please feel free to leave a comment about your own experiences.

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