Renogy Solar Panels 100w – Versatile 12v Charging Power

Renogy 100w Solar Panels

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Not all rigid 100w solar panels are designed the same. Renogys’ 100w 12v monocrystalline (source: Wikipedia) compact design puts it ahead of the competition. It performs just as well as the company’s own larger-sized 100w rigid solar panels..

This means the compact design enables a wider range of applications. Especially when fitted to smaller campers, caravans and boats.

Renogy Solar Panels 100w

Renogy 100w Solar Panel Diagrams

Product: Renogy Solar Panel 100w 12v Monocrystalline (Compact Design)
USD 124.99
Best place to buy:
40.8in x 20.7in x 1.4in (1074 x 498 x 35mm)
Guarantee: 25-year power output warranty: 5 year/95% efficiency rate;10 year/90% efficiency rate; 25-year/80% efficiency rate.
5-year material and workmanship warranty

What Are Renogy Solar Panels 100w Compact Design?

“Boasting a 21% cell efficiency, the 100w solar panels compact design is efficient, reliable and durable. By the way, the current industry cell efficiency standard is 17% to 19% according to The solar panels reliability is assured, because it incorporates advanced encapsulation material. With multi-layered sheet lamination to enhance cell performance. Along with being encased by an anodized aluminum frame providing durability, the solar panel should last for decades.”

A bit about Renogy

Renogy was started by students at Louisiana State University. Renogy LLC was organized in 2010 and in 2013 they launched their online store. By 2013 they incorporated as the RNG Group Inc. In 2016, Renogy won two bronze-level Golden Bridge Awards. One of them for best product of the year with the Lycan solar power station.

Renogy Factory

Today Renogy produces a wide range of solar products and solutions. These include the recreational vehicles, home, truck, marine, and commercial sectors. With solar power becoming more popular and more widely used as an alternative source of power generation.

Their product range and technological innovations are bound to expand. To meet the challenges of global warming and reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

Renogy products are well-made and respected. The company has a reputation for quality workmanship, reliability, durability, and customer service. Their solar panels are engineered to fit into these high standards. That’s enough about the company, it’s onto the review proper.

How Does The Renogy Solar Panel 100w 12v Monocrystalline (Compact Design) Work?


Solar CellMonocrystalline
Solar Cells33
Dimensions40.8in x 20.7in x 1.4inch/ 1074 x 498 x 35mm
Open Circuit Voltage22.3V
Optimum Operating Voltage18.16
Short Circuit Current5.75A
Optimum Operating Current5.38A
IP65 Rated waterproof junction boxYes
IP67 Rated waterproof solar connectorsYes
Ready to be installed to your recreational vehicle boat or building

The 100w solar panel comes ready for installation, with diodes, junction box, and cables with MC4 connectors already fitted. The panel can be installed quickly because there are pre-drilled holes for mounting and securing the unit.

The junction box and MC4 connectors are fully waterproof. So when it’s wet outside, you won’t have to worry about the panels not charging your battery. You’ll be thinking about how many watt-hours per day will the panel produce?

That will depend on the amount of available sunlight, however, the US average is 400wh per day. So plenty of juice charging your battery or solar power station, to charge your electronics or power appliances.

Renogy 100w Solar Panel Layout
Battery Power

The solar panels can be easily attached to a controller (sold separately) to charge 12v batteries and can be used in 24v arrays. They can also be attached to solar power stations such as The Lycan Powerbox – Solar Power Generator. If you install the solar panels on a shed roof for instance.

By using a solar power station, you will not have to buy separate 12v batteries, controller or inverter. This means your installation will be easier to maintain and of course save you a few dollars.

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What Can I Use My Renogy 100w Solar Panels For?

Ideal for fitting to an RV, caravan. camper or boat, providing off-grid energy for trips, vacations, and boondocking. Allowing you to travel virtually anywhere, without having to worry about charging the battery. To charge or power your electronic devices, TV or cooler. Fitting them to a shed, outhouse, garage or workshop can save thousands if electric mains cabling is a problem.

Perfect for smaller campers, caravans, and boats
Perfect for smaller campers, caravans and boat

If you own a small camper, boat, or caravan and would love to install a 100w solar panel or two and normal-sized solar panels’ are just too big. This compact version will be perfect for you. Because of it’s dimensions 40.8in x 20.7in x 1.4in (1074 x 498 x 35mm) and lighter weight 14.3lbs.

You will be able to fit them to a smaller space, without a performance compromise. This means you will be able to enjoy the benefits of off-grid power generation. With the ability to travel for much longer periods without having to charge the battery, or not even having to charge it at all.

Curved Surfaces

Curved surfaces can be a drawback when installing solar panels’, especially on boats. Flexible 100w solar panels are great for fitting to curved surfaces. Thinner than rigid solar panels they can be easily fitted, and are lighter than rigid panels.

However, because they are not as thick as rigid panels they are less efficient, this shouldn’t cause a problem. Because, simply being able to fit them to the curved surfaces of your RV, boat, camper or caravan is a real bonus.

Renogy 100w Flexible V Rigid Solar Panels
Remote Locations

In remote locations where there are frequent power outages. Installing Renogys’ 100w solar panels would be an energy lifesaver. Sitting without power, for hours, or even days on end is frustrating. Not even being able to boil water for a coffee or cool a drink makes life unpleasant. Wherever possible fitting the panels facing a southerly direction in northern latitudes. And a northerly in southern latitudes will produce the best energy generation results.

 Uses For The Renogy 100W Solar Panel
The difference between a rigid and portable 100w solar panel

Whilst researching, I came across people saying they had purchased rigid 100w solar panels in error. On further investigation it turned out they had thought, rigid solar panels’ were portable. This is not the case, they are designed for static fitting to a recreational vehicle, boat or building.

If you are looking for a portable 100w solar panel unit. You should consider the 100 Watt Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Suitcase with Charge Controller.

Recommended Maintenance
  • Maintenance is very easy it is recommended that you clean the glass surface of the module as necessary. Always use water and a soft sponge or cloth for cleaning. A mild, non-abrasive cleaning agent can be used to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Check the electrical and mechanical connections every six months to verify that they are clean, secure, and undamaged.
  • Do not step, walk, stand, or jump on any modules. Localized heavy loads may cause variances of micro-cracks on the cells. Which will ultimately compromise module reliability

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What’s Good About Renogys’ 100w Compact Design Solar Panels

Highly versatile because the solar panels can be installed for a wide variety of applications. Including smaller leisure vehicles boats and buildings

Ready for installation: With diodes, junction box, and cables with MC4 connectors already fitted. The panel can be installed quickly because there are pre-drilled holes for mounting and securing the unit

Great Warranty: 25-year power output warranty:
5 year/95% efficiency rate;
10 year/90% efficiency rate;
25-year/80% efficiency rate
5-year material and workmanship warranty.

Renogy 100w Monocrystalline Compact Design

What’s Not So Good About Renogys’ 100w Compact Design Solar Panels

Cost: The larger solar panels’ like the Eco-Worthy 100w solar panel are less expensive. However, the performance the Renogy 100w compact design gives, I believe more than makes up for it.

100w solar panel limitations: The higher the wattage of the solar panels the faster the batteries charge. This means, that if you were to fit 100w solar panels’ to a very large RV, to generate 1,000 watts (1kw) you would need ten100w solar panels. This would prove to be overly expensive. To improve the charge rate in low light conditions, higher wattage panels would reduce the cost.

Renogy 100w Compact V’s ACOPower 100w Solar Panel

SpecsRenogy 100w CompactACOPower 100w Solar Panel
Solar CellMonocrystallineMonocrystalline
Solar Cells33N/A
Dimensions40.8in x 20.7in x 1.4inch/ 1074 x 498 x 35mm40.2 x 20.1 x 1.4inch/1020 x 510 x 35mm
Open Circuit Voltage22.3V22V
Optimum Operating Voltage18.1617.48
Short Circuit Current5.75A6.14A
Optimum Operating Current5.38A5.71A
IP65 Rated waterproof junction boxYesYes
IP67 Rated waterproof solar connectorsYesYes
Warranty25-year power output warranty
5-year material and workmanship warranty
25-year power output warranty
5-year material and workmanship warranty

The design of these two 100w solar panels is basically the same but the ACOPower is lighter. They are about the same size when it comes to their respective dimensions. Renogy gives an efficiency rating of 21% and ACOPower 22% solar cell efficiency. This suggests that the ACOPower panel might be slightly more efficient.

Both companies are offering very similar warranties but the ACOPower is less expensive to buy. Looking at them more closely with regard to the price. Is the ACOPower priced the way it is because the weight difference suggests a quality difference?

I.E Renogy is using better quality construction materials suggesting the panel is more reliable and durable. I will leave that up to you to decide depending on your budget. Because as you can see there is a significant $35.19 price difference. If you want to look at the ACOPower Solar Panel more closely you can do so here.

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What Other Rigid Solar Panels Are There In The Renogy Range?

There are 5 other standard rigid solar panels in the Renogy ranging from 50w to 200w. There are also 320w solar panels available for the home, cabin, shed, or commercial building installations

Solar CellMonocrystallineMonocrystallineMonocrystallineMonocrystalline
EfficiencyHigh EfficiencyHigh EfficiencyHigh EfficiencyHigh Efficiency
Solar CellsN/AN/A3240
Dimensions22.9 x 20.0 x 1.2inch43.3 x 20.0 x 1.38inch52.2 x 26.3 x 1.38inch64.96 x 26.38 x 1.38inch
Weight7.72 lbs/3.5 kg14.5lbs/6.5Kg19.8lbs/9Kg26.46lbs/12Kg
Open Circuit Voltage22.3V24.3V21.6V27V
Optimum Operating Voltage18.1620.3V17.95V22.6 V
Short Circuit Current2.94A5.39A10.35A9.66A
Optimum Operating Current2.69A4.93A9.75A8.85 A
IP65 Rated waterproof junction boxYesWater-ResistantYesWater Resistant
IP67 Rated waterproof solar connectorsYesYesYesYes
Warranty25 Year Output25 Year Output25 Year Output25 Year Output

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My Closing Thoughts

Renogy 100w Motorhome

I think that the Renogy 100 watt compact design solar panel represents great value for money. Because of its performance, efficiency, reliability, durability, and versatility. Together with a comprehensive output and material and workmanship warranty second to none.

Fitting solar panels is not only convenient when there aren’t any hookups, because you are out in the wilderness. It is probably the most environmentally friendly thing you can do. No doubt eventually, we will all have solar panels on our residential roofs. Because according to experts, global warming is catching up with us.

Doing a bit now can only help reduce emissions. The Renogy 100 watt compact design solar panel is contributing to that.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about the Renogy 100w solar panel or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below

Renogy Solar Panel 100w 12v Monocrystalline (Compact Design)


Is It Worth Buying


Value For Money


Overall Quality





  • Highly Versatile
  • Ready For Installation
  • Great Warranty


  • Cost
  • Not Suitable For Larger RV's
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  4. Hey there. Very interesting read. I was initially interested in a hybrid solar panel. One that is capable of generating electricity and heat simultaneously.

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  6. Hi and thanks for sharing. The Renogy’s 100W compact solar panels look like they could be the perfect fit for my in-laws’ boat. My father-in-law has been looking into this for a while. I think the easy fit feature of these panels is likely to be the deal-maker for him. Thanks again for sharing. Best regards, Andy

  7. Great article on solar panels, The Renogy looks like a reasonable model. I have purchased and used many different types of panels, and they are definitely NOT all equal. It is important to do your research and get the best panel available for the money.

    I have found that you can never have enough wattage and always buy the largest possible practical panel.

    1. Hi Dave, Yes I 100% agree with you the higher the wattage of the panel the quicker it will charge your battery or solar station. However, I was not trying to compare the Renogy 100w compact design solar panel with higher wattage panels. 

      I am comparing it to other 100w panel of a larger physical size, and because of it’s size it can be used for more versatile applications. For instance were installation space is restricted on a camper van or boat.

      I apologise if this didn’t come across clearly enough at the beginning of my post 

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