Portable Solar Power Stations – Energy for Camping

Portable Solar Power Stations

Portable solar power stations are the perfect solution when off-grid electricity is required. This will make your camping/camper van or RV experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

The feeling of getting back to nature. Looking out over that breath taking view, or just the peace and quiet is great. However, you still want a cold drink, to listen to your favorite tunes or light up your camp at night.

Many people are now converting their homes to solar power. Over the next 10 to 30 years solar energy will become one of the main ways to produce clean electrical power, All in a safe environmentally friendly way

Carbon dioxide emissions are at an all time high, contributing to greenhouse gases raising global temperatures. Fossil fuel costs are rising all the time. By powering camping and camper van trips with portable solar panels’, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Your trip can be comfortable, relaxing, peaceful and rewarding, with solar power reducing your carbon dioxide emissions into the earth atmosphere (Wikipedia). This will make your trip more environmentally friendly and help reduce global warming.

What are Portable Solar Power Stations?

The usual way to provide electrical power for your camping trip is to use an EHU hook-up. Usually provided by the campsite. When out on the road it isn’t so easy because there aren’t any hook-ups, you are off-grid. The perfect solution is to carry your own portable energy station to power your appliances and electronics. Powered by sunlight and environmentally friendly, portable solar stations will provide all the electrical energy you require.

Portable Solar Power Stations -Example

A station or portable solar power kit would usually consist of:

  • Portable solar panel
  • Controller
  • Leisure Battery (Unless you are only directly charging your camper van/motorhome battery or the battery is built in to the solar panel)
  • Required wires and connectors

For the ability to connect and use mains power appliances, you would need to add an inverter. This converts the DC current produced by the 12v battery to usable AC current to power a hairdryer etc.

Advice: Stations are also great if you are at a campsite with hook-ups, because you want to be environmentally friendly and save some money.

Where Can I Use My Portable Power Station?

The simple answer to this question is anywhere you find yourself off-grid including camping in a tent, or not wanting to use a hook-up. Portable solar power comes in many shapes and sizes, from having the ability to attach panels’ to your backpack, to panels’ that are the size of a briefcase.

Solar panels’ can be used in any environment for power on the go, even when it is partially cloudy. So if you have found that perfect spot near a lake, by the beach, with an amazing mountain view, where the sunset is perfect or in the forest, solar energy will always be available to you. Even better, because solar panels’ are waterproof, you can use them in most weather conditions, (I wouldn’t recommend use in a storm). However, a panels’ ability to capture sunlight will be reduced when cloud is about.

Advice: Using a panel in the forest can be challenging because of the shade problem. I would recommend you set up in a clearing with little overhang and avoid the heavy canopy areas. Check now and again your panel isn’t shaded by trees. You don’t want warm beer, because shade reduced the solar panels’ ability to charge the battery !!!

Solar Power Stations For Backpacking And Hiking

Portable Solar Power Stations - Backpacking and Hiking

Backpacking can take you all over the world. It might be a dream to embark upon that once in a lifetime trip, because you want to experience new cities and cultures. Hiking can take you to areas where you can experience nature at its best. Spectacular views of mountain ranges, a lake, forest or a deserted beach await you as you walk along, away from all those everyday distractions.

However, your cell phone, camera or smart watch needs charging and there isn’t anywhere to charge it. Fear not, portable solar power will solve this problem for you, even in partly cloudy conditions. Small, light and fold-up solar panels can be attached to your backpack, for optimal sunlight capture, whilst you enjoy a new city or amazing view. All are splash proof but not all are waterproof, some having built in battery packs and others not.

Portable power stations with built in battery packs tend to be bulkier and heavier, but you can also lay them out on the ground in a nice sunny position to capture those free rays.

Advice: Solar stations that come without a battery pack, require you to purchase one separately, so this may increase the cost. However, this means you are able to detach the charged battery from the portable solar panel and keep it in your pocket to reduce the weight on your back.

Solar Energy For Camping or Camper Van

Portable Solar Power Stations for Camping or a Camper Van

While the fire is lit, the moon is high and everybody is relaxed, it’s a perfect time for a campfire story. I am sure, like me, you have a few yourself. The stories are now over and it’s time to head back to your tent or camper van for a good nights rest. You turn the lighting on that is being powered by your portable solar power generator, van or car battery, that has been charged all day by your solar power station and all for free.

Because the solar panels fold on a hinge, into the size of a briefcase, the largest of which will fit into any normal sized car. You are able to transport it easily because, the panels are protected by foam when you are traveling. This means, there is little chance of the panels being damaged or chipped.

When you arrive at your destination everybody is happy, even the kids, because your portable solar station is enabling them to charge their electronic devises. Internet and cell phone reception are probably down (who wants them anyway?), because you are out in the wilderness miles from anywhere. Your wife is happy because she can still charge her Kindle, the kids are happy because they can charge their PSP’s and you are happy because the camping cooler is keeping the beer cold.

Advice: The power of sunlight has supplied some home comforts to your camp, but remember once the sun goes down your battery will not be charging. At night limiting charging electronic devices (charge in daylight only), and switching the lights off when not inside your tent or camper van, to preserve your energy supply, is a must.

Your Portable Solar Panels Are Versatile

Portable Solar power is great for you to reduce CO2 emissions, that contribute to greenhouse gases. Using solar stations when camping are a practical application that has a great benefit to the environment. Solar power on the go can be used in many ways and with advances in the technology, shade and cloud my become a problem of the past. It’s fantastic to know you can travel anywhere you like and still listen to your favorite tunes on your music player courtesy of the sun.

You can reduce your carbon footprint even further using your portable solar station. When you return home from your camping trip, put it in the garage or somewhere safe, to set up later to use in the garden or back yard. This will make your solar panel more cost effective because you can charge your electronics whilst enjoying your garden. Off-grid at home!!, saving you some money on your home electricity bill. Now, doesn’t that sound good?

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I hope you enjoyed this post and have found it informative. If you have any questions about portable solar power stations for camping or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below

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