Portable Solar Power Kits – 14 of the Most Outstanding

Portable Solar Panel Kits - Helping You Make The Right Choice

Portable solar power kits are fantastic for powering your off-grid adventures. I will be walking you through 14, of the most outstanding portable solar panels out there. If you are in a hurry. You can quickly find the application and the kind of product you would need to harness the power of the sun. By skipping to the portable kit that would best fit your adventurous nature. The table below is in alphabetical order for easy navigation. I have added a return to the product guide after each section.

Portable Solar Power Kits Application And Product Guide

Portable Kits ApplicationProduct
Boat Installation KitsACOPower 110w Flexible Solar Panel
Camping – Small Portable Solar KitsRenogy E.Flex 50 Portable Solar Panel
Camping – Large Portable Solar KitsAllPowers 100w Foldable Suitcase
Camper Van – Portable Solar KitsAcoPower PLK 100w Portable Solar Panel Briefcase
Caravan/Trailer – Portable Solar KitsRich Solar 200 Watt Portable Briefcase
Hiking, Trekking, Climbing and Backpacking – Portable Solar KitsRenogy E.Flex 21 Portable Solar Panel
Home – Portable Solar KitsBluetti AC200p Solar Generator 2000w
Outbuildings – Portable Solar KitsEcoFlow 160w Portable Solar Panel
RV – Portable Solar KitsNewpowa Sunwanderer 200w Portable Solar Panel
Static Trailer/Caravan – Portable Solar KitsRenogy 200w Eclipse Solar Suitcase
Tent Large – Portable Solar KitsRockpals 100w Foldable Solar Panel
Tent Small – Portable Solar KitsAllPowers 60w Foldable Solar Charger
Traveling Abroad – Portable Solar KitsRenogy E.Power 16000 mAH Portable Solar Charger
Trucks – Portable Solar KitsRenogy 50 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

We’ve all seen solar panels on house roofs. But many people don’t realise that there is a wide range of portable solar panels available too. Solar power kits can give you the freedom to provide electrical power in virtually any situation. From out sailing a boat, to vacationing in an RV to driving a truck. All provided free of charge by our fantastic sun and it won’t pollute the environment .

Different activities and applications require different kinds of portable solar panels.  If you don’t know much about portable solar panels please read on.

What Is A Portable Solar Power Kit?

Portable Solar Power Kits

Literally a portable solar power panel is the same as the panels you would have fitted to your roof. They are made up of photo-voltaic cells (PV) produced mainly from silicon found on beaches. The PV cells are arranged together in a frame to form a solar panel. These are then able to collect sunlight and convert it into useful direct current (DC) electricity. 

The solar panels found on a house roof are single units and are much too big to be portable. To get around this manufacturers usually make their portable versions from smaller panels.  


  1. Suitcase/Briefcase type of portable solar panels

These are usually metal framed folding types of portable solar panels. And are actually two panels formed together on a hinge, like a foldable paste table. These 2 panels together, make up its final wattage rating.

Individual Wattage of each panelTotal Solar Panel Wattage
25w x 250w
50w x 2100w
100w x 2200w
  1. Fold-Up type of portable solar panels

These solar panel types are usually framed in a combination of plastic and fabric. They can have anything from 1 to 15 separate solar panels incorporated into them. This combination of solar power panels make up their final wattage rating. Using smaller solar panels makes them easier to fold-up into neat, lightweight packages. There are wide variations between manufacturers, but here are some examples as an idea.

Individual Wattage of each panelTotal Solar Panel Wattage
3 x 7w21w 
4 x 7w28w
8 x 5w40w
9 x 6.6660w
15 x 6.66100w
Portable solar power with phone
Three types of solar panel

There are generally three accepted types of solar panels

  • Monocrystalline
    Are single (mono) solar cells manufactured from the purest silicon. The solar panels are recognizable by their dark colour
  • Polycrystalline
    Are manufactured from multiple crystalline solar cells. The solar panels are recognizable by their blue speckled colour
  • Thin-Film
    Made by covering a material with one or more thin layers of PV cells. The solar panels are recognizable for their extremely thin and lightweight characteristics.

Most portable solar panels are made from monocrystalline (source Wikipedia) solar cells. This is because although they are more expensive. They have a higher efficiency rating than the other types. The Germans have the best reputation for producing the highest quality solar panels on the market. This is probably because some German companies have been producing solar power panels for 25 years or more.

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What Are The Attributes Of  Portable Solar Kits?


The higher the efficiency the better a solar power panel will collect sunlight to convert to electricity. The industry standard is 17% to 19%. This is because as I mentioned earlier. Polycrystalline and thin-film solar panels have a lower efficiency rating. Monocrystalline solar panels can achieve rates of up to 27%. It is true that individual monocrystalline solar cells can achieve rates up to 42%. But we need to remember this is under laboratory conditions. The overall efficiency of a complete solar panel is currently much lower. Portable solar panels have a rating between 20% to 23% as a rule of thumb.

How long will a portable solar panel last?
Solar panel Kits - How long will they last

Portable solar power panels are physically pretty rugged pieces of kit. They are built to last so there are few worries there. But the real question is, will the panel remain as efficient as on the day I bought it? The answer to that is their efficiency does deteriorate over time. But it is nothing to worry about. To ease any worries I have included a rule of thumb degrading guide below.

Number of YearsExpected Percentage Efficiency Rating
1 Year100%
5 Years95%
10 Years90%
25 Years80%

Remember these figures are approximate and not a hard and fast rule. But you can see that you will be enjoying your portable solar panels for many years to come.

How durable are portable solar panels?

Portable solar panels are highly durable, but you just have to keep a couple of things in mind.

Fold-up portable solar panels 
Fold-up portable solar panels

While the solar power panel is made from a combination of plastic and fabric the electrical components are not. This means that the unit itself is waterproof but the electrical components are not. The USB housing contains electrical components and can be susceptible to moisture ingress. Spilling liquid on the panel is fine as long as it isn’t where the electrics are housed.

My best advice is to;

  • Stow the solar panel away when it starts raining. 
  • Never leave it out overnight. This is because it might rain and morning dew might seep into the USB housing
  • If you spill liquid on the USB housing give it plenty of time to dry out before use.
  • Never submerge it
Brief/Suitcase portable solar panels

These types of solar power panels are usually encased in a metal frame to protect the solar cells. And have metal latches and hinges that makes them very robust. This will protect them from knocks and small bumps. But dropping them from height will almost certainly damage them. The panel is in it’s greatest danger during transportation and needs to be stowed with this in mind.

My best advice is to;

  • When transporting find a safe place to stow the panel, so it is not thrown around
  • If it has a protective cover, always use it
  • The panel is usually waterproof or highlighly water resistant. But the metal casing, latches and hinges are susceptible to rust. So never leave it outside for long periods unprotected from the elements

Remember none of these precautionary measures should affect the normal use of the solar power panel. Because of their construction you should have few problems with them if any at all. Even during extreme weather conditions including hail, rain and snow. Wind will have little effect on them except lighter ground placed panels might blow over.

Charge controllers
Solar Charge Controller

It is essential that charge controllers are used in conjunction with portable solar panels. For directly charging batteries such as an RV’s leisure battery. If the solar power panel is being used to charge a solar power station, a controller isn’t required. This is because it already has one built in. The panel kits for vehicle battery charging in this guide also have built-in solar controllers. With the exception of boat and truck installations.

But the best type of solar controller to use is an MPPT enabled one. This is because it efficiently matches the DC current between the solar panel and controller. This means the battery being charged will receive a better charge rate from the solar panel. The solar panels in this guide’s built-in solar controllers are not MPPT enabled. But if you are good at DIY, you could always change the supplied controller with an MPPT enabled one.

Solar panels weight and size

This is a big consideration when looking for the right portable solar power panel. For instance you wouldn’t want to be carrying a 200w panel in your pack when hiking!!! When on two legs you will be looking for a very light compact design that fits easily into your pack.

A small vehicle with space constraints will also need careful consideration. A portable solar panel used for hiking might suit. But this would limit you to just being able to charge electronic devices. What if you wanted to power a portable cooler? Do you go out and buy a larger car? The answer is to use a fold-up 50w or more panel with a small solar power station. So much cheaper than buying a larger vehicle !!

Owning a larger vehicle will enable you to transport a higher wattage system. Such as the AcoPower PLK 120w portable solar briefcase and a 500w or more rated solar power station. Fantastic for longer off-grid adventures.

The very largest sized vehicles can accommodate the biggest portable solar panels. Such as the Renogy 200w Eclipse Solar Suitcase and a 1000w or more rated solar power station. Perfect for powering AC appliances on the go. 

How to take care of a portable solar panel
Portable Solar kit maintenance

Taking care of a portable solar panel is relatively easy;

  • Clean the panel regularly with a sponge and a very mild non abrasive cleaning agent. Do not use a heavy chemical agent. This can leave a fine film on the surface of the solar panel if not washed off properly. Which can lead to reduced efficiency. Because the chemical film is a barrier between the sunlight and solar cells.
  • Check the panel every 6 months to make sure there is no damage to the solar cells. Check the electrical and mechanical connections at the same time.  Making certain that they are clean, secure and undamaged.
  • Do not step, walk, stand or jump on the solar power panel. If you drop a heavy load on it check immediately for cracks etc. Cracks and other damage to the panels surface can ultimately reduce reliability.
Shading and cloudy conditions 

Solar power is fantastic, because it provides an environmentally friendly energy source. Let’s be honest. Without solar panels the world would be relying on smelly, noisy gasoline generators. You just need to be aware of a few things.

Shading and cloudy conditions

When it is overcast, the PV cells will receive less light. Reducing the rate of charge, meaning it will take longer to charge your vehicle’s leisure or boat battery. Or charge your electronic device, your solar power station or power bank. This isn’t a major problem. Until full sunlight returns, limit the number of devices you are planning to power or charge .

Shade will stop charging altogether. Keep an eye out for this now and again and move your panel back into the sunlight if necessary. This is important if you are near an overhang or obstruction such as in and around a forest. You will need to check for shade more often.

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What Can Solar Power Panel Kits Charge?

Portable solar panels can charge any kind of energy storage device or battery.

These include;

  • A power bank
  • A portable solar power station
  • An RV, camper, caravan, trailer, boat, starter or backup battery.

    These include battery types;
  • Lithium-Ion
  • LifePO4
  • Gel
  • AGM
  • Flooded
  • Calcium

 As a guide on average using a solar panel to charge a battery. Takes 5-8 hours to fully re-charge a 12v car battery under full sunlight. Some will (depending on your solar panel setup) charge up to 80% in an hour.

Batteries for charging
Charging Electronic Devices And Power Banks

Some Portable panel kits are designed to only charge electronic devices. And are called portable solar chargers. They do not store electrical power, they charge devices directly. If you want to store electrical power with a solar charger a separate power bank is required. A power bank stores electricity for later use. This is really handy because you can charge it by day and use it at night. 

Charging portable solar power stations

A portable solar power station is a battery that incorporates an MPPT solar controller and an inverter. It converts the DC electricity the solar panels produce into AC that domestic appliances use. 

Because they are much larger than a power bank they have many more uses. From charging a laptop to powering a domestic fridge freezer. Best of all they are really useful during a power cut. Even better during a prolonged power outage, because they can be re-charged with a solar panel.

Charging leisure and starter batteries

Running vehicle/boat engines to charge the leisure/house batteries is noisy and expensive. A portable solar panel can put pay to all that nonsense. All you need to do is take the solar panel outside, unfold it and point it at the sun. In a southerly direction in the northern hemisphere and northerly in the southern hemisphere. Then run the cable to the leisure battery and attach with the provided crocodile clips.

Use the exact same procedure to charge the vehicles/boats starter battery. No need to worry about the battery charge leaking back into the solar panel. The controller will see to that and the kits in this guide have them built in. 

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About The Portable Solar Power Kit Manufacturers Included In This Guide

There are 8 manufacturers included in this guide. I thought it would be a good idea to include a little bit of information about each of them. They all produce portable solar power products and some are larger than others. I believe that varying company sizes would bring some balance to my post. I do not favour one over another. I hope it will help you make the right portable solar panel choice. That best suits what you want to use the solar panel kit for.

Portable Solar Power-factory

Aco Power was established in 2011 and is based in Los Angeles. They produce solar panels, generators, controllers, inverters, batteries and accessories. They invented the world’s first portable battery powered fridge/freezer.


Bluetti were founded in 1991 and produce high quality power systems and solar panels. They ship their products worldwide and are a clean alternative to fossil-fuel portable generators.


AllPowers was established in 2010 and is based in Guangzhou, China. They manufacture solar power products for customers in over 30 different countries. Specialists in portable solar R&D and can provide professional OEM and ODM services


EcoFlow, a company that arrived on the scene in 2017. Beginning from entrepreneurs, who emerged from a leading drone development company. Their range of portable solar power products are now well-established. As an alternative high tech solar solution to companies like Bluetti, Renogy and Jackery.


Founded by a former Apple battery engineer in 2012 in Fremont, California. Jackery produced the world’s first lithium portable power station back in 2015. They manufacture portable solar panels and portable solar power stations for shipment across the world.


Newpowa was founded in Las Vegas in 2013 but is now based in Ontario. And has expanded its operations into Germany. They manufacture portable solar panels, power stations, batteries, controllers and inverters.

Renogy company promotional video

Renogy was started by students at Louisiana State University. Renogy LLC was organized in 2010 and in 2013 they launched their online store. By 2013 they incorporated as the RNG Group Inc. In 2016, Renogy won two bronze-level Golden Bridge Awards. One of them for best product of the year with the Lycan solar power station.

Today Renogy produces a wide range of solar products and solutions. These include the recreational vehicle, home, truck, marine and commercial sectors.

Rich Solar

Rich Solar was established in 2005 with the products being manufactured in Zhejiang China. Their headquarters are based in Montclair California. They produce solar panels, power stations, controllers, inverters and accessories. Which are shipped all over the world. 

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How Can Portable Solar Kits Be Used?

Boat Installation

Installing flexible solar panels can bring you freedom from running the engine. I know many boat owners do not like to do this. Because of the fuel consumption and engine noise, especially at night. Fitting flexible solar panels to a boat may seem daunting at first. But if you are good at DIY you should not find it too difficult. Plus there is always the option of having a professional installer do it for you.

ACOPower 110w Flexible Solar Panel

ACOPower  110w 12 Volt Flexible Solar Panel
  • 1 x 110w 12volt monocrystalline flexible solar panel
  • 20.5 to 24%
  • Bendability: 27 degrees
  • Durable solar cells
  • ETFE laminated
  • Waterproof
  • Dimensions: 44 x 21.3 x 0.08Inch/1070 x 540mm.
  • Thickness: 0.12inch/3mm
  • Weight: 4.85lbs/2.2Kg
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 20.8v
  • Working Current: 6.25A
  • Short Circuit Current: 6,9A

The ACOPower 110w flexible solar panel is waterproof and ideal for a boat installation. It’s bendability means it can be directly fixed to a boat’s curves. And it is ultra-thin and light unlike a rigid panel that is much heavier and bulkier. If you would prefer a portable rather than an installed solution. Have a look at the Renogy 200w Eclipse Solar Suitcase

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Portable Solar Kits for Camping

There are two types of solar panel kits included in this camping section. This is because the size of solar power kit you choose will depend on your vehicle size. This is very important when it comes to transportation. If your vehicle is a small car, you don’t want your kit taking up all the room. But a medium to larger sized vehicle can transport a larger kit. If you want to skip straight to the larger kit follow this link

Camping – Small Portable Solar Kits

Renogy E.Flex 50 Portable Solar Panel

Camping Small-Renogy E-Flex 50 Portable Solar Panel
  • Wattage Power: 50w
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline
  • Efficiency: Up to 21% to 23%
  • Dimensions folded: 19.9 X 16.1 x0.08inch/506 x 408 x 20mm
  • Dimensions unfolded: 32.5 x 19.9 x 0.2inch/826 x 506 x 5mm
  • Weight: 5.25lbs/2.38KG
  • DC Port: 19V/2.4A, 16V/2.8A max
  • USB-A Port: 5V/2.4A max
  • USB-C Port: 5V/3A max
  • Solar panel connectors: 18V/2.7A max
  • Optimum Voltage: 18V
  • Optimum Amperage: 2.77A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.6V
  • Short Circuit Current: 3.04A

The E.Flex 50 portable solar panel is a small lightweight panel. It doubles up as a portable solar charger. This means you can directly charge electronic devices. Coupled with the Phoenix 200 solar power station. It becomes a small portable solar generator enabling you to power appliances.

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Camping – Large Portable Solar Kits

AllPowers 100w Foldable Solar Suitcase

Camping -Large AllPowers 100w Foldable Suitcase
  • Wattage Power: 100w
  • Solar cell: Polycrystalline
  • Efficiency: Up to 22%
  • Dimensions folded: 20 x 25.6 x 1.2inch/510 x 650 x 30mm/
  • Dimensions unfolded: 48 x 25.6 x 0.4inch/1220 x 650 x 10mm
  • Weight: 7.9lb/3.6kg
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.4V
  • Short Circuit Current (IOC): 6.0A
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 18V
  •  Maximum Power Current (Imp): 5.4A

The Allpowers 100w Foldable Solar Suitcase is made from nylon and is waterproof. Because of its nylon construction it is up to a 1/3rd lighter than its competitors’ equivalent. Coupled with Allpowers 666wh 500w portable solar power station. It becomes a larger solar power generator for camping.

If you are interested in even larger off-grid camping solar kit solutions. Which have the power to run and charge multiple electronic devices and appliances consider;

The Jackery SolarSaga 200w Portable Solar Panel
EcoFlow 160w Portable Solar Panel
Renogy 200w Eclipse Solar Suitcase

These three are all worth your consideration, but they have a much higher price tag.

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Portable Solar Kits for a Camper Van

Camper vans are great for short trips and days out. But keeping the leisure battery charged can provide a challenge when there are no hook-ups available. A portable solar panel will sort that job for you. Especially as a camper can reach remote areas, an RV might have difficulty accessing.  

AcoPower PLK 100w Portable Solar Panel Briefcase

CamperVan- Portable- Acopower 120w Briefcase
  • Wattage Power: 2 x 50w,100w total
  • Solar cell: MonocrystallineDimensions Folded: 24.21 x 20.27 x 1.97 inch/615 x 515 50mm
  • Weight:14lb/6.53Kg
  • Operating Voltage: 19.8V
  • Operating Current : 5.05A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 22.4V
  • Short Circuit Current: 5.35A

The ACOPower 100w Briefcase is lighter than most other metal framed folding solar panel types. This is because it is made from an aluminum frame and fiberglass. Rather than an aluminum frame and glass. It has a built in charge controller and you can use it with a solar power station. If you wish.

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Portable Solar Kits for a Caravan/Trailer

Caravan and trailer leisure batteries can be depleted very quickly vacationing off-grid. Having to hook your vehicle up to recharge them can be a chore. Not to mention the amount of local pollution this will cause. 

Rich Solar 200 Watt Portable Briefcase

Rich Solar 200 Watt Review
  • Wattage Power: 200w
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline
  • Dimensions folded: 36.6 x 28.5 x 2.8inch/92.96 x 72.39 x 7.11cm
  • Dimensions unfolded: 55.7 x 36.6 x 1.4inch/141.48 x 92.96 x 3.56cm
  • Weight: 38lbs/17.24Kg
  • Open circuit voltage 22.8V
  • Short circuit current 11.2A
  • Optimum operating voltage 18.6 V
  • Optimum operating current: 10.08A

The Rich Solar 200 Watt Portable Briefcase has a heavy duty aluminium frame and legs. With a 20V built-in solar controller

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Portable Solar Kits for Hiking, Trekking, Climbing and Backpacking

As a hiker you want a portable solution for electrical needs to be small and light. Something that doesn’t take up much room in your pack. And that fits neatly with other essential items. Weight is a very important factor; You don’t want the kit to feel uncomfortable. And trying to keep your pack down to 10% of your body weight can be a challenge. 20% if you’re backpacking. Fear not, a portable solar charger will fulfill all these needs.

Renogy E.Flex 21w Portable Solar Panel

Hiking-Renogy E.Flex 21 Portable solar Panel Charger
  • Wattage Power: 21w
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline
  • Efficiency: Up to 22% to 25%
  • Dimensions folded: 11.0 x 7.3 x 1.2 inch / 280 x 185 x 30 mm
  • Dimensions unfolded:23.0 x 11.0 x 0.8 inch / 585 x 280 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 28.9 oz / 820 g
  • USB Port 1: 5V / 2.4A Max
  • USB Port 2: 2: 5V / 2.4A Max 
  • Optimum Operating Voltage: 6V
  • Optimum Operating Current: 3.5A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 7.2V
  • Short Circuit Current: 3.7A

The Renogy E.Flex 21w Portable Solar Panel is really a solar charger lightweight and compact. It is a 3 solar panel unit sewn into water-resistant nylon. Shipped complete with a micro USB and USB-A to USB-C cable and 2 carabiners.

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Portable Solar Kits for the Home

An electrical emergency can strike at any time (I have no intention of frightening you). If you live in an area where there are frequent power outages a home portable solar kit is the perfect solution. Maybe you are the kind of person who always likes to be prepared for any emergency. Or if you want to start to become more energy self-sufficient, portable solar power is the solution.

Bluetti AC200p Solar Generator 2000w

Bluetti AC200p Solar Generator 2000w


  • 2000 watt Output – 4800w Peak
  • 2000Wh
  • LiFePo4 battery cells
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inch
  • Weight: 60.6lbs – 27.5kg


  • 6 x AC pure sine wave outlets
  • 1 x DC 12v/10A constant 12V
  • 2 x DC 12v/3A
  • 1 x DC 12v/25A
  • 1 x USBC fast charge
  • 2 x wireless charging both Apple and Android
  • 4 x USBA

The Bluetti AC200p Solar Generator 2000w has 17 output ports. It can be recharged 5 ways with a touch LCD display. And will run a fridge for 17 to 19 hours.

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Portable Solar Kits for Outbuildings

Providing power to outbuildings such as sheds, workshops and garages can be a messy affair. It may require extensive digging around your home or business for the cabling. And could prove extremely expensive. Or maybe you want to power tools or provide light in the shed at night. Portable solar power would be a good solution. 

EcoFlow 160w Portable Solar Panel

Outbuildings Portable-EcoFlow 160w Solar Panel
  • Wattage Power: 160w
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline
  • Efficiency: 21% to 22%
  • Dimensions folded: 26.8 x 16.5 x 1.0inch/68 x 42 x 2.4cm
  • Dimensions unfolded: 26.8 x 61.8 x 1.0inch/ 68 x 157 x 2.4cm
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs/7.0Kg
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.4V
  • Short Circuit Current: 9.6A

The Ecoflow 160w Portable Solar Panel is a 4 piece foldable panel with an adjustable kickstand. 3 x panels will charge the Delta Solar Power Station in 3.5 to 7 hours.  It has universal MC4 connectors making it compatible with many other products.

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Portable Solar Kits for an RV

Portable solar panels are great for charging an RV’s leisure and starter batteries. And unlike an installation you won’t have to move if your vehicle becomes shaded. Just move the solar panel instead. There is a big cost saving as well. Installing 4 solar panels would cost much more than using one or two portables.

Newpowa Sunwanderer 200w Suitcase Portable Solar Panel

RV-Newpowa Sunwanderer 200w Portable Solar Panel
  • Wattage Power: 2 x 100w,200w total
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline
  • Dimensions: 39.57  x 26.38  x 1.38inch/1005mm x  670 mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 36.38lbs/16.5kg  
  • Voltage at Pmax: 17.8V
  • Current at Pmax: 11.43A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.3V
  • Short Circuit Current :12.34

The Newpowa Sunwanderer 200w Portable Solar Panel has a built-in 20A charge controller. It has 2 5V/2A USB Ports for directly charging small electronic devices. It has collapsible adjustable support legs with a guide rail and a carry handle. If you’re into boondocking the Sunwanderer is a great off-grid energy source

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Portable Solar Kits for a Static Trailer/Caravan

I know that a static trailer/caravan will have a fixed electricity supply. But like a house, you may want to start to become energy self sufficient. Or you may want an emergency electricity solution for power outages. It is always good to be prepared !!!

Renogy 200w Eclipse Solar Suitcase

Trailer-Renogy 200 Watt Eclipse Solar Briefcase
  • Wattage Power: 200w
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline
  • Efficiency: 22%
  • Dimensions folded: 41.3 x 21.1 x 3.1inch
  • Dimensions unfolded: 21.3 x 92.7 x 1in/540 x 2355 x 25mm
  • Weight: about 33.60lbs
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.2V
  • Short Circuit Current: 11.72A
  • Optimum Operating Voltage:17.7V
  • Optimum Operating Current: 10..35A

The Renogy 200w Solar Suitcase has an integrated aluminum stand and IP65 rated junction box. The perfect accompaniment to the Lycan powerbox portable solar power station. 

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Portable Solar Kits for a Tent

Solar power is brilliant for camping in a tent. Using those smelly old wicks to light your tent at night can be a thing of the past. I have included a small fold up solar panel if travelling space is limited. And a larger solar panel for larger tents. If you want to skip straight to the smaller kit follow this link

Tent Large – Portable Solar Kits

Rockpals 100w Foldable Solar Panel

Tent-Large Rockpals 100w Foldable Solar Panel
  • Wattage Power: 100w
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline -SunPower
  • Efficiency: Up to 21.5% to 23.5%
  • Dimensions folded:  20.5 × 14.2 × 2.6Inch,
  • Dimensions unfolded: 64.5 x 20.5 x 1.2inch
  • Weight: 10.8lbs/4.9Kg
  • 1 x QC3.0 USB Port: 9V/2.5A
  • 2 x USB Ports: 5V/2A
  • 1 x DC Port: 18V
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 19V
  • Short Circuit Current: 6A
  • Maximum Power Voltage: 18V
  •  Maximum Power Current: 5.55A

Rockpals 100w Foldable Solar Panel has 4 x 25w panels incorporated into a Oxford cloth frame. The panel doubles as a solar charger to directly charge electronic devices. Widely compatible with different makes and models of solar power stations, up to 500w . The portable solar panel will charge the Rockpals 500w solar power station in 8-9 hours.

If you are interested in even larger off-grid tent solar kit solutions. Which have the power to run and charge multiple electronic devices and appliances consider;

The Jackery SolarSaga 200w Portable Solar Panel
EcoFlow 160w Portable Solar Panel
Renogy 200w Eclipse Solar Suitcase

These three are all worth your consideration, but they have a much higher price tag

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Tent Small – Portable Solar Kits

AllPowers 60w Foldable Solar Charger

Tent Small Allpowers 60w Foldable Solar Charger
  • Wattage Power: 60w
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline -SunPower
  • Efficiency: Up to 23.5%
  • Dimensions folded: 12.4 x 7.08 x 1.96inch
  • Dimensions unfolded: 36.8 x 20.07 x 0.2inch
  • Weight: 2.93lbs/1.28kg
  • 2 x USB Ports: 5V/2.4A
  • 1 x DC Port: 18V/5A

The Allpowers 60w Foldable Solar Charger has  9 x 6.66w solar panels sewn into a plastic frame. Very light and portable it can directly charge electronic devices. And widely compatible with other manufacturer solar power stations. I would be charging small power stations with this solar panel. Such as the Allpowers 288 WH/78000mah Portable Station

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Portable Solar Kits for Traveling Abroad

Traveling to a country that has frequent power outages will affect your mobile. If the power outage lasts for any length of time. How are you going to charge your electronic devices? The perfect solution is to take a portable solar charger in your luggage. This will keep your devices charged whatever the situation. And enable you to stay in contact with the outside world.

Renogy E.Power 16000 mAH Portable Solar Charger

Travel-Renogy E.Power 16000mAH Portable Solar Charger
  • Built-in solar panel:15w max 
  • Power bank: 16000 mAH/59.2Wh
  • Battery chemistry: Lithium-Ion
  • Dimensions: 7.12 x 3.53. x 0.98 inch / 18.1 x 8.97 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 14.29 oz / 405 g
  • 1 x Input QC Micro USB: 18w max
  • 1 X Input USB-C: 18w max
  • 1 x Output QC Micro USB: 18w max
  • 1 X Output USB-C: 18w max

The Renogy E.Power 16000 mAH Portable Solar Charger is a single unit power bank with a built-in solar panel. This device will charge phones, tablets and cameras. It has a built in flashlight and is ruggedly constructed for those little knocks and bumps

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Portable Solar Kits for a Truck

Installing a solar panel to your truck will keep your truck batteries topped up. This will reduce costs and save on fuel. Battery life will be improved and standby power will be increased. Best of all, if you have your own workshop your mechanics will be able to fit it. Or if your DIY skills are reasonable you shouldn’t have too many problems.  

Renogy 50 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Truck-Renogy 50w 12V Monocrystalline solar Panel
  • Wattage Power:50w
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline -SunPower
  • Efficiency: Up to 23.5%
  • Dimensions: 23.7 x 19.6 x 1.2 in / 601 x 498 x 30mm
  • Weight: Weight: 7.55 lbs / 3.42 kg
  • Optimum Operating Voltage: 18.3V
  • Optimum Operating Current: 2.9A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.8V
  • Short Circuit Current: 3.1A

The Renogy 50 Watt 12v Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit is perfect for keeping truck batteries in tip top condition. The Kit includes a charge controller, mounting brackets, solar adaptor and cables. 

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Portable Solar Panel Kits Helping You Make The Right Choice

Making the right solar power choice is very important, because if you choose the wrong kit. The solar panel kit may not be as useful to you, as when you first imagined. Looking at reviews from people who have bought a solar panel. I have noticed a number who say “the panel wasn’t fit for purpose”. 

This must be because they have made the wrong choice. Not because the solar kits lack performance or quality. But because they were trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. A good example is when a solar panel kit is on sale. The lure of saving money is always a big temptation. Unless you have done the proper research, saving money may turn out to be money wasted. 

Research-Portable solar kits

You are looking for a solar power solution to light up your tent at night and you see a solar charger going cheap. You buy it on impulse, only to find when it arrives it will only charge your phone. You will feel disappointed and think, this whole portable solar power thing is a con. Not realising that most solar chargers do not store power, but directly charge electronic devices. And are meant to be used for hiking or backpacking. Not camping for a week or two with your family or friends. A little bit of research would have saved you the time, money and aggravation.

In conclusion the aim of this post is to help you find the right solution. That best fits your portable solar power needs, and to help you make the right choice. I hope you enjoyed this review and have found it helpful. If you have any questions about portable solar power . Or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below

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10 Comments on “Portable Solar Power Kits – 14 of the Most Outstanding”

  1. TPSP stands for Top Portable Solar Power. It is good to save money, time and aggravation.

    When a question arises for using solar energy I with no confusion will offer to use PSP.

    Why I Will say so?

    Portable Solar Power Panels have a rating between 20% to 23% as a rule of thumb.

    It is physically rugged pieces of Kit, are built to provide longer services without being worried.

    It is totally portable, risk free of polluting the environment, very convenient to store power in your Power Storage, Mobile Phone, During travel to lit up you vehicle or for comfort driving, etc.

    For you free and jolly life defend only on PSP.

    But what about a dumpy day when there is no sunlight?



    1. Hi Mizanur thank you for your very kind endorsement of my Top Portable Solar Panels website.
      Your question with regard to no sunlight is best answered by asking you what you would be using a portable solar panel for? Solar panels will still provide energy in low light conditions. But at a reduced rate.

      If it is to keep your mobile phone charged It would be best to use a portable solar charger. Coupled with a power bank. This is because if you are in low light conditions the charger will still charge the power bank. You can then charge your phone from the power bank at night.

      If you are using a solar panel to charge a solar power station or vehicle leisure batteries in low light conditions. All you need to do is limit the number of devices you are charging. Or the number of devices you are powering until full sunshine returns.


  2. Hey there! Thanks for your super detailed and comprehensive guide on portable solar power kits. As someone who enjoys the outdoors, I would consider using the Renogy E.Flex 21w Portable Solar Panel. Thanks for your recommendation. This will be helpful next time I go camping in the wilderness. Are there any other solar panels you would recommend for camping? 

    1. Hi Gabriel I guess you are looking for similar wattage solar panels to the E.Flex. I can point you in the direction of other reviews on my website to help you out with that

      Anker 21w
      BigBlue 28w
      X-Dragon 70w

      Hope these are of use to you Gabriel. Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me



  3. Portable solar kits?  Brilliant!  I first became aware of solar power when on holiday in Turkey.  (2013)  A lot of houses had solar panels.

    Now my neighbours’ houses have got them.  They are very useful and I understand that the energy can be stored when the sun goes down.

    I didn’t know there were portable solar kits, but I’m sure they come in very handy for when you are in a tent as you suggested here.

    What I’m not sure of though is the time the solar panel is charged up for – you didn’t mention the number of hours the solar panel remains on.  I’m intrigued and would like to know more.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article.

    1. Hi Stella  I am so glad you found the article informative. 

      In answer to your question. The solar panels charge batteries during the day. On average it takes 5-8 hours to fully charge a 12v car battery. But there are allsorts of different types of battery. Ranging from your phone to your car to a portable power station and small portable re-chargeable batteries. 

      And they can all be charged with a portable solar panel.

      Using a portable solar panel for camping is great. There are various types of kits you can use. I can point you in the right direction by taking a look at these suggestions;

      Anker 21w Solar Charger

      The BigBlue 28w Solar Charger

      X-Dragon Sunpower 90w Foldable Solar Panel/Solar Charger

      EcoFlow 600w Portable Solar Generator

      Jackery Explorer 1000w Portable Solar Generator

      Bluetti AC200p 2000w Portable Solar Generator

      They range from solar chargers which only charge small electronic devices like smart phones. To larger solar solar generators that can be used for emergency back up power at home. But they can all be used when camping. 

      If I can help you any further please do not hesitate to contact me.



  4. Hey Steve! What a nice site you have built out here. I have been doing some reading lately with a buddy of mine as he got my wheels turning about solar energy. We both feel it is going to become even stronger over the next few years. I am primarily familiar with rooftop installations so this article was a cool pivot.

    You provided such deep research and writing during this post that anyone should have a bit of know-how of the portable systems available. I thought it was soo neat the way you mentioned the different sizes and shapes these units come in and the fact they can power RV’s is incredible.

    Do you have any solar panel or power kits installed on your property? If so how do they work?

    1. Hi Brian 

      I am so glad that you found the article informative. I am starting to flesh it out with individual product reviews. I rent my current property. But I do have solar powered garden and outside security lighting installed here. And they work just fine. 

      Here in the UK there is a big push for people to have solar panels fitted to their homes. Because the government have a target to reduce Co2 emissions. I was born in Liverpool and when I was a boy back in the 60’s the pollution levels were very high. Mainly from homes burning coal which caused a rolling smog. Back then it was much colder  but it is now warmer in the winters here. They say it is due to the effects of global warming.

      Anyway, this caused me to have chest problems when I was kid. From a young age I was interested in cleaner energy production. And now as an older adult I am able to put my interest to work through the internet. This is my primary motive for writing this website and associated articles. 

      Funny you should mention RV’s. My first flesh out review is about a solar panel to charge RV batteries. You can take a look at it here if you wish. And let me know what you think.



  5. It is sunny here where I live. Our days are sunny all year round. I live close to the equator. So taking advantage of solar energy is a must. There are things I like about solar panels that are portable. First, that they can be folded into really transportable cases. And second that the power bank is also portable.

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