Portable Solar Panel Systems – Power On The Go

Portable Solar Panel Systems -Power On The Go

Our amazing sun is a wonderful resource that you can use in your home or for power on the go. The latest portable solar panel systems can provide you with clean, efficient, renewable energy without the headache of a bill from your power company.

I have known for most of my 58 years that solar panel systems can be used to generate heat and light for our homes. However, probably like you, I didn’t until recently realize the multipurpose applications solar power can now be used for power on the go.

I knew I could power our garden lights using the sun, my neighbors is lit up like a Christmas Tree at night !!. Having researched portable systems I found that they are just fine for use in RV’s, boats, caravans, camping and other things, which was an eye-opener.

How Do Portable Panel Systems Work?

Without getting too technical, a solar panel is a sheet of photovoltaic (PV) cells usually made from silicon. (silicon is made from beach sand). The cells are formed into a frame and work to collect free solar energy. The suns renewable energy is then converted into electricity through the photovoltaic cells. The electricity produced can then be used as clean efficient energy to power almost any electrical appliance or device

What Type Of Portable Solar Power Systems
Can I Use ?

Portable Solar Panel Systems - Power On The Go

Portable solar systems for camping/camper van or charging electronic devises are usually powered by Thin Film Panels/Flexible Solar Panels also known as amorphous (Wikipedia) and are made from silicon. Their surface is sprayed with a fine layer of semiconductor material.

Thin film panels have wide applications they are lightweight and can be folded or rolled. This means they can be transported easily and can be used with curved surfaces. They are durable, don’t depend on weather conditions and best of all the cost is kind to the pocket. You would then connect the solar panel to a leisure battery or generator to service your electrical appliances and devices.

What Components Do I Need For Camping/Camper
Portable Solar System?Portable Solar Panel Systems - Camper

A typical kit for a camper van/camping portable solar panel system would be:

  • Solar Panels
  • Regulator
  • Leisure Battery
  • Inverter This is so you can power mains appliances (optional)

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Solar Panels For Your RV, Boat Or Caravan

You can also easily install Crystalline Panels on your RV, boat or caravan. There are two types of these solar panels, the most expensive but most efficient are mono- crystalline. These are formed from a single silicon crystal and will produce the most power per unit area of panel.

However, the preferred solar panels are poly-crystalline. These are less efficient requiring a larger panel to get the same power as a mono one. This is because they are made from smaller crystals bundled together. The efficiency of the panel is reduced due to the boundaries between individual crystals.

Through the power of the sun and your systems power output, there will be no annoying noise from a generator but still fulfill all your electricity requirements.

What Components Do I Need For An RV, Boat or Caravan Solar Power System?

Solar Power Systems -Motorhome

A typical kit to convert your RV, boat or caravan to solar power would be:

  • Solar Panels
  • Batteries
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • Solar Panel Mounting Brackets
  • Solar Panel Cable
  • Solar Panel Gland
  • Wire Lugs
  • Inverter
  • Fuse Holder And Fuse Terminal Eyes
  • Isolator/Kill Switch
  • Heat Shrink
  • Earth To Chassis

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What Appliances Can You Solar Power On The Go?

You have jumped in the RV with the wife and kids ready to take a trip for a couple of weeks or have gone camping. You want to have a great time in the sun at the beach or by a lake or forest and power your appliances and electronics whilst your there. Your portable panel system can be used to power your:

  • Fridge
    Fill your fridge with a vacation grocery shop keeping everything cool and fresh
  • Camping Cooler
    A camping cooler to keep your wine and after a long hard day enjoying the sun a nice cold beer
  • TV
    Watch to TV catching up with your favorite shows and watch the game
  • Laptop
    You can still charge and use your laptop for work, communication & entertainment
  • Mobile Phone
    Charge your mobile phone to keep in touch with friends, family, work and social media
  • Grill
    Grill steaks, chops and chicken and wash it down with a cool drink from your fridge
  • Stove
    Cook up your favorite meals roast chicken, leg of lamb, roast pork and sirloin beef
  • Electronics
    Charge and use your I-Pad, Nintendo Switch, Fitbit and portable speakers
  • Lights
    Turn the lights on at night in your RV, boat or Yacht or portable lights if you are camping
  • Water Pump
    Take a long hot shower after a day on the beach and pipe hot water to your sink
  • Radio
    Catch up with those memorable tunes and many other things

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It is best to include an inverter to watch TV, power a laptop and charge electronics and to power your RV battery will require several panels connected in series.

Portable Solar Panels Another 4.5 Billion Years

4.5 Billion Years of Sun

If you have a RV, camper, boat or caravan, a portable solar power system can give you clean, renewable and environmentally friendly efficient power on the go. With the rapid advances in technology portable systems will become more efficient, compact, flexible and cost effective.

I am not an environmentalist banging the drum for the worlds’ population to go back to the stone age. However, with all the problems our planet has with pollution and CO2 emissions, using or fitting a portable solar system for powering your electronic devises and appliances in your leisure vehicles will reduce your carbon footprint. This is particularly important for our children and our childrens’ children, who will definitely thank us for it.

The free power from the sun will always be there, another 4.5 billion years. This free energy source is available for you to use during a trip or vacation. Think of the money you could be saving over many years of use.

So why not start taking advantage of our beautiful sun!!.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and have found it informative. If you have any questions about portable solar panel systems or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below

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