LionCooler X30A Portable Solar Fridge Freezer Review

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to refrigerate food and drinks or freeze ice on a hot sunny day?. I am going to show you how to do it off-grid with my LionCooler X30A Portable Fridge Freezer review. The unique part is all you need is a portable solar panel and the ACOPower LionCooler to do it.

Are you a camper? Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Do you like going to the beach? Do you enjoy lonely spots with nobody around for miles? Do you like tailgating or taking the camper van for trips away? 

If you do, you will know electrical power can be a problem. If you want to keep things refrigerated or frozen it’s a cooler full of ice or relying on your vehicle battery.

But not anymore !!!

LionCooler X30A Portable Solar Fridge Freezer Review

Product: ACOPower LionCooler X30A Portable Solar Fridge Freezer 32 Quarts
Price: $719.99 – 10% Discount Using Code TOPPORTABLESOLARPANELS
Dimensions: 25.1 x 15.9 x 15.7inch/638 x 405 x 399mm
Capacity: 32Qt/30L
Weight: 29.6lbs/13.42Kg
Warranty: The LionCooler Itself 12 Months – The Compressor 24 Months

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What is the LionCooler X30A Portable Solar Fridge Freezer?

The LIonCooler X30A is a 32 Quart/30 Litre portable fridge freezer with a built-in 173Wh lithium-ion battery. Uniquely the battery can be charged 4 ways including with a solar panel. Compressor technology is used to refrigerate, cool and freeze food and drinks.
It is controlled with a digital control panel or app connected by Bluetooth. There is also a USB port to charge your portable electronics like a smartphone or tablet. And is finished off with wheels and a telescopic handle for easy maneuverability.

A bit about ACOPower

ACOPower was the first company to produce a battery powered fridge freezer. Their products are manufactured abroad but their head office is in Walnut California. For the last 7 years they have been bringing high quality portable solar products to market. These include; 

  • Recreational vehicle and trailer solar kits
  • Foldable portable solar panels
  • Specialist off-grid panels
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Portable power stations
  • Solar charge controllers
  • Inverters
  • Accessories
Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - LionCooler
LionCooler Specs
Fridge Freezer Capacity32Qt/30L
Dimensions25.1 x 15.9 x 15.7inch/638 x 405 x 399mm
Battery ChemistryLithium-ion -173wh/15600mAh
Battery Running Time5 -12 Hours ( 12 Hours at 32°F/0°C)
DC Current Rating3A
Lowest Temperature-4°F/-20°C
Output PortUSB-DC/2.21A
Input PortsAC 110 – 240V
DC-Car Cig 12V/8ASolar Panel 12 – 36V/10A
Full Solar Charge4 Hours using a 105W Portable Solar Panel 
What types of 12V portable fridge freezer coolers are there?

Absorption Refrigerator

These refrigerator types run from three power sources; 12V DC, propane and AC mains. You would normally find them in a recreational vehicle or trailer. They mainly run on propane needing lots of ventilation. Running on 12V they are very inefficient and will drain batteries very quickly

Thermoelectric Coolers

Don’t use a refrigerant and there are no moving parts or circulating liquid. They can be used for heating and cooling but have poor power efficiency. Thermoelectric coolers are unable to freeze anything. And if the outside temperature is above 77°F/25°C they won’t keep your food and drinks cool.

Compressor Refrigerators

12V compressor refrigerators can be used as either a fridge or a freezer. They work in a very similar way to a domestic fridge/freezer. In that they compress a cooling agent or refrigerant to regulate temperature.

Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - Full Design
The LionCooler X30A fridge freezer uses compressor refrigeration

Equipped with a LG compressor the X30A can achieve a temperature of -4°F/-20°C regardless of the outside temperature. This means you can make ice to cool your drinks wherever you are on a hot sunny day. 

If you want to use it to cool drinks and food it can be set to the normal refrigerator settings of 40°F/4°C. There is no need to worry about tilting the X30A; it will still operate. Unlike other types like absorption freezers that must be kept on a flat surface. 

Dimensions and capacity
LionCooler X30A Portable Solar Fridge Freezer Review

Internally the fridge freezer has one internal compartment complete with a drainer for spillages. The external dimensions are 25.1 x 15.9 x 15.7inch/638 x 405 x 399mm. And with a capacity of 32Qt/30L you will be able to fit plenty of goods in there.


Even though the LionCooler X30A weighs 29.6lbs/13.42Kg it is very easy to move around and transport. Because it has wheels and a telescopic handle even the kids will be able to wheel it around

Digital LCD Display and Bluetooth

Operation is handled by push buttons with things like moving the unit’s temperature up and down. There is an on off button and a ‘set’ button for selecting various functions like setting °F or °C.  

Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - LCD Screen

The digital LCD display shows things like, current temperature and battery status. But the X30A can also be controlled using a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Which is compatible with both Android and IOS. These can be downloaded at the Google Play or APP Store. Great if you want the LionCooler fridge freezer control at your fingertips.

Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - BlueTooth
USB output port

The USB-DC/2.21A output port is quite a handy extra if your mobile phone’s battery needs topping up. It should also charge other small electronic items but I wouldn’t rely on it as a regular charging source. It’s more to be used as an electronic device charging backup after a hard day partying outdoors. 

Built-in battery
Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - 173wh battery 2

The lithium-ion built-in battery can be charged with AC, DC, portable power station or a portable solar panel. Both AC and DC charging takes 4 hours for a full recharge. The 173Wh battery is removable and can be charged separately to the X30A unit.

A 105 watt solar panel takes around 4 hours depending on weather conditions. There is no need to add a solar charge controller as there is one built-in. And there is no need for an inverter as the whole system runs on DC.

Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - 173wh battery

It is possible to create 24 hour constant cooling by purchasing a second battery. Because the batteries are removable and can be charged separately to the unit. 

You can have one battery powering the LionCooler. While the other can be charged by the solar panel, Charging the battery separately from the X30A unit will require a charge controller

You need to know that 24 hour freezing isn’t possible. This is because to achieve 24 hour cooling the X30A needs to be set to 32°F/0°C. This will allow 12 hours running time from one battery.

Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - 173wh battery 3

The operating time for freezing is around 5hours. But when the LionCooler is plugged into a direct AC or DC power source the battery remains fully charged. 

And remember while a portable solar panel is plugged into the LionCooler and charging the battery. It is being recharged by the panel so extending the cooling time of the fridge freezer. 

What’s In The Box?
Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - Whats In The Box
  • 1 x X30A Solar Fridge Freezer With Built-In Removable Battery
  • 1 x DC Power Cord
  • 1 x AC Adaptor
  • 1 x Solar Charge Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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The LionCooler Review With The 90w Portable Solar Panel As A Combo

 Solar Fridge Freezer - 90w Portable Solar Panel Combo

The LionCooler solar fridge freezer can be bought as a combo with an ACOPower 90w portable solar panel. In tests I have seen this portable solar panel will charge the battery in four and a half hours.

 It uses an MC4 connection which means that another 90w portable solar panels can be added in series if you want. This is because the LionCooler can handle up to 50V of solar power.

The benefit of more solar power is that the LionCooler battery will charge even faster in full sun conditions. And in cloudier conditions the extra portable solar panel will help keep the charge rate up.  


Module Type3 x 30w Foldable Solar Panels
Dimensions Folded21.4 x 13.3 x 0.2inch / 544 x 337 x 6mm
Dimensions Unfolded46.9 x 21.4 x 0.1inch / 1190 x 544 x 2mm
Open-Circuit Voltage 20.8V
Maximum Operating Voltage17.6V
Maximum Operating Current5.1A
Short Circuit Current5.6A

If you want to use a higher wattage solar panel may I suggest you take a look at the ACOPower PLK 100w Portable Solar Briefcase. This portable solar panel has a built-in charge controller for charging a second battery. There is also a 120w version available with a built-in solar controller. 

 Solar Fridge Freezer - PLK 120w Portable Solar Panel

It makes no difference that it has a built-in solar controller when charging the battery when housed in the X30A fridge freezer. Because having two controllers while charging doesn’t create a conflict. 

The only other thing you will need if you opt for this portable panel option is a Anderson to MC4 connection cable.

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What’s Good About the LionCooler X30A Fridge Freezer?

Complete Off-Grid Fridge Freezer Solution

Complete Off-Grid Fridge Freezer Solution

The LionCooler is a complete off-grid solution because there is no need to plug it into a power source. Uniquely it will run quite happily off the battery and a portable solar panel. 

24 Hour Refrigeration

Between you and I and other sources have confirmed it. A single battery will last a bit longer than ACOPower is officially saying. But not for 24 hours. With two fully charged batteries the LionCooler will most definitely run for 24 hours. Fantastic for any camping or boating trip.

Don’t Need To Use Any Other Off-Grid Power Source

Because the X30A is a complete off-grid system there is no need for a portable solar power station. Plus because of solar power you do not need to use your car battery port to charge the LionCoolers battery. As you know, running a vehicle battery down too far can leave you stranded. You don’t want to be doing that. 

Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - Multiple Power Charging

Great For Emergency Preparedness

The power goes down at home and you think, not another power outage. What about all the meat I have in my freezer? Fear not you could have your LionCooler running in your garage from mains power in freezer mode 24/7.

If the power goes down the built-in battery will immediately kick in. The average power outage lasts 6 hours. This means you can transfer all that frozen meat to your LIonCooler to cover the power outage time. What a life saver

What’s Not So Good About the LionCooler X30A Fridge Freezer?

Initial Cost

With the extra battery, the LionCooler itself and the solar panel the X30A can become quite expensive. But the big gain is off-grid 24 hour refrigeration completely autonomous from any other power source.

If you are a regular camper or living off-grid and yearn for a cold drink whenever or wherever you like.  Or experience frequent power outages or just want to be prepared for emergencies. The initial cost will be a small price to pay.

Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - Vaccine Transport

Noisy Fan

Some reports have said that the LionCoolers fan can be noisy. Similar to the sound of a computer running a game or lots of high resolution graphics. I don’t think that is a deal breaker because a normal domestic fridge freezer can be noisier than that. What do you think?

LionCooler 32 Quart Vs SetPower 32 Quart Portable Fridge Freezer

SpecsLIonCooler X30ASetPower AJ30
Refrigeration TypeCompressorCompressor
Fridge Freezer Capacity32Qt/30L32Qt/30L
Dimensions25.1 x 15.9 x 15.7inch/638 x 405 x 399mm27.5 x 13.6 x14.7inch
Battery ChemistryLithium-ion -173wh/15600mAhN/A
Battery Running Time5 -12 Hours ( 12 Hours at 32°F/0°C)N/A
DC Current Rating3AN/A
Lowest Temperature-4°F/-20°C0°F/-17°C
Output PortUSB-DC/2.21AN/A
Input PortsAC 110 -240V
DC-Car Cig 12V/8ASolar Panel 12 – 36V/10A
AC 110 -240V
DC-Car Cig 12/24V
Full Solar Charge4 Hours using a 105W Portable Solar Panel N/A
WarrantyLionCooler Itself 12 Months
The Compressor 24 Months
SetPower itself 12 Months
The Compressor 24 Months
Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - LionCooler V AJ30

I am unable to find a direct comparison for a 32Qt/30L solar powered portable fridge freezer with built-in battery. If you know of one please let me know in the comments section below.  So I have used a standard portable fridge freezer, the SetPower AJ30.

The AJ30 is not a complete off-grid fridge freezer solution

Unfortunately this means the SetPower AJ30 is powered by either 110V mains, car cigarette port or solar power station. So it isn’t an all in one off-grid solar fridge freezer solution. 

To operate it as a total off-grid solution a power station and solar panels are required. Such as a Jackery, EcoFlow or ACOPower station that is solely used to power the AJ30.

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Using it with a power station would bring the AJ30 cost up to the same or more then the LionCooler X30A. This will also reduce the AJ30’s portability because of the extra piece of kit (the power station). That you would need to completely run it off-grid for any length of time.

Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - Android and IOS APP

The AJ30 also consumes more power than the LionCooler 55w v’s 35w. And it doesn’t cool below 0°F/-17°C whereas the LionCooler can achieve -4°F/-20°C.

The cheaper option of the AJ30 looks attractive at first sight. But after scratching the surface you realise it isn’t as attractive after all. 

Other LionCooler Portable Solar Fridge Freezers In The Range

Portable Solar Fridge Freezer - Others In The Range

There are two other LionCooler sizes in the range 42 and 52 quarts. The battery and portable solar panel specs are the same as the X30A

LIonCooler X40ALIonCooler X50A
Refrigeration TypeCompressorCompressor
Fridge Freezer Capacity42 Quarts – 40 Litres52 Quarts – 50 Litres
Dimensions25.1 x 15.9 x 20 inch/638 x 405 x 509mm25.1 x1 5.9 x 22.8 inch /638 x 405 x 580mm
Weight32.8 lbs/14.9Kg34 lbs/15.44Kg
All Other Specs Are The Same As The X30A

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My Closing Thoughts

If packing ice into your cooler and then having the problem of removing the water once it’s melted. Is getting on your nerves. Or your 12v portable cooler is warming up too quickly after it has been unplugged from your car port. And driving you mad. The LionCooler can solve those irritating problems for you. Whether you are;

At the beach
Taking an RV or trailer trip
Having a sports day
Electricity power outages and emergencies
Or having a backyard BBQ or party

The LionCooler X30A fridge freezer will keep your food and drinks cool whatever the temperature outside. And if you want to transport frozen food the LionCooler has your back. 

Yes there are a couple of niggly problems with it such as the fan noise but overall it will get the job done. It’s versatility and portability place it head and shoulders above the other portable fridge freezers.

I hope you enjoyed my post and have found it helpful. If you have any questions about my ACOPower LionCooler X30A review. Or want to leave your own personal thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below

LionCooler X30A Portable Solar Fridge Freezer


Is It Worth Buying


Value For Money


Overall Quality





  • Complete Off-Grid Fridge Freezer Solution
  • 24 Hour Refrigeration
  • Don’t Need To Use Any Other Off-Grid Power Source
  • Great For Emergency Preparedness


  • Initial Cost
  • Fan Can Be Irritating
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  1. Hi, Steve! I just read your other post about the utility and inexpensive options for portable solar panels, which brought me to this page to read your review of the LionCooler. This does seem like an idea option for being able to enjoy that cold beer in the afternoon without breaking the bank using recreational vehicle solar panels. Thanks for the helpful information!

    1. Hi Erica

      Yes the LionCooler is a cool (excuse the pun) piece of kit. It’s 24 hour cooling capabilities with 2 batteries make it great for on the go refrigeration. And it’s preparedness for power outages and emergencies at home shouldn’t be underestimated !!!



  2. Hi, this is a great solution for off-grid living on the move. I do have a somewhat technical question though. Whenever I moved house and we moved our refrigerator we were always advised to let it stand for 24 hours before switching it on so that the coolant would settle or something like that and if you switched it on too soon it could damage the mechanism. My question is – Do you know how they changed the compressor mechanism so that these portable refrigerators can be moved around and still operate? Thanks, Andy

    1. Hi Andy

      Thanks for taking a look at my post and yes the LionCooler is a great solution for providing refrigeration for off-grid living. 

      Your question is beyond the scope of my knowledge. I can answer questions about portable solar panels and batteries but refrigeration mechanisms are beyond me. 

      But If I were to take an educated guess. I would have thought LionCooler uses a different type of coolant so it doesn’t settle.

      I have seen loads of reviews and videos even one or two were it has been bouncing around in the back of a pickup.
      And it doesn’t seem to affect it. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help with your question.



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