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The 100w foldable suitcase is the focus of my Allpowers solar panel review. This polycrystalline 100w portable suitcase is ideal if you have a tight budget. Coming in at $159.99 shipped. I will show in the review, you are not compromising quality for the price either.

It’s nice to get out in the fresh air camping in your tent or recreational vehicle. Even better when it is off-grid. With nobody else around (hopefully) to disturb your hard-earned break.

There is the sticky problem of how to generate power with no hook-up around. But that can be solved quite easily by using a portable solar power kit. And the clean and free energy of the sun.

Product: Allpowers 100w Foldable Portable Solar Suitcase
Best Place to Buy: Allpowers
Price: $159.99
Dimensions Folded: 20 × 25.6 × 1.2inch/510 × 650 × 30mm
Dimensions Unfolded: 48 × 25.6 × 0.4inch/1220 × 650 ×10mm
Weight: Weight: 7.9lbs/3.6kg
Warranty: 18 months

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Allpowers 100w Foldable Portable Solar Suitcase Review

I will be reviewing the portable solar panel and comparing it with other similar products. Letting you know about other portable solar suitcases in the Allpowers Range.

And matching the panel up with solar power stations to make a solar generator. Which you will be able to use to produce electrical power whenever you are off-grid. 

About Allpowers

I thought I would let you know a little bit about Allpowers. I am not banging the drum for them, by the way. This is so you can see they are not just another fly-by-night foreign green technology company. They produce quality, well-made, worthwhile, eco-friendly products. That does the job they were intended for. 

AllPowers was established in 2010 and is based in Guangzhou, China. They manufacture solar power products for customers in over 30 different countries.

These include portable foldable and flexible solar panels. Several different portable power stations and various accessories. Specialize in portable solar R&D. And can provide professional OEM and ODM services. 

Solar powered backpack with a built in power bank

They even produce a solar-powered backpack with a built-in power bank. Shipping products from the USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK. As a significant player in the portable solar market, their influence is felt worldwide.

How Does The Allpowers 100w Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase Work?

What is the 100w foldable solar panel suitcase

The Allpowers portable Suitcase is made from two 50w solar panels. Sewn into a nylon frame. The two 50w polycrystalline panels make up the final 100w output. Rather than fold on a hinge or bracket. They fold on the nylon forming a durable, lightweight, easily transported unit.

Power Wattage100w
Solar CellPolycrystalline
Folded Size20 × 25.6 × 1.2inch/510 × 650 × 30mm
Unfolded Size48 × 25.6 × 0.4inch/1220 × 650 ×10mm
Open Circuit Voltage22.4V
Short Circuit Current6.0A
Maximum Power Voltage18V
Maximum Power Current 5.4A
STC Irradiance1000W/m² , TC=25℃, AM=1.5
Allpowers Solar Panel Review
Solar Connections

The portable solar panel has 2 connection types.

  • MC4
  • Anderson
Monocrystalline cells

Solar panels are made from Photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells react to sunlight and convert its energy into usable direct current (DC) electricity. The cells are encased in a metal or plastic frame to form the solar panel.  There are generally three accepted types of solar panels:

  • Monocrystalline
    Are single (mono) solar cells manufactured from the purest silicon. The solar panels are recognizable by their dark colour
  • Polycrystalline
    Are manufactured from multiple crystalline solar cells. The solar panels are recognizable by their blue speckled colour
  • Thin-Film
    Made by covering a material with one or more thin layers of PV cells. The solar panels are recognizable for their extremely thin and lightweight characteristics.

The Allpowers portable solar panel is made from polycrystalline solar cells. With an official efficiency rating of up to 21%. Currently, the solar industry standard solar cell efficiency rate is 17% to 19%.

Many people believe Monocrystalline cells are the best to use. But they have a drawback; they are more expensive than polycrystalline. And in reality, they generally only produce an up to a 2% increase in efficiency. 

Allpowers 100w Solar Panel - Efficiency

I know some of you will say, but some monocrystalline panels produce up to 25% efficiency. This is true but look at the cost of them compared to this Allpowers polycrystalline offering.

For example, the Zamp solar Legacy Series 90-Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit costs $649.99. That is a $520.00 difference !!!  Admittedly it is an excellent piece of kit and includes a built-in solar controller.

There is a quality difference between the two. The Zamp is made from metal and glass. The Allpowers is made from nylon. But the Zamp still only provides 90 watts of power. And not everybody can afford a $650.00 portable solar panel.

If the Zamp gives you good vibrations, you can buy it from Amazon or look at it here.
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


The portable solar panel is constructed from rugged nylon. This makes it virtually indestructible. It will survive all normal weather conditions and most knocks and bumps. Even the odd blowing over in high winds.

The nylon and solar panels are waterproof. But the solar panel is described as water-resistant because of the electrical connections. You don’t want to get these wet. So you are probably best stowing the panel away on a rainy day. And I wouldn’t leave it out overnight under any circumstances for the same reason. 

Allpowers 100w Solar Panel - Durable

The big score with this portable panel is its weight. A monocrystalline 100w solar suitcase made from glass and metal like the Acopower 100w Suitcase weighs 25.5lbs. The Allpowers made from nylon weighs 7.9lbs.

There isn’t much difference in dimensional size, but the Acopower is over twice as thick. 

When it comes to fitting the solar panel into a car along with a portable generator. The Allpowers 100w nylon construction definitely has the edge. It is effortless to store and carry particularly if you have physical limitations. And when hiking in a group, it wouldn’t be too difficult to manage between you all. 

Allpowers 100w Solar Panel - Portability

The built-in kickstand will allow you to prop the solar panel up, so it is lying on the ground. Because when upright, the panel can receive up to 25%  more sunlight than lying flat on the ground. The company blurb says the stand can be adjusted to gain the most efficient angle.

Is the Allpowers 100w portable solar panel versatile?

The solar panel will charge lots of popular power station makes and models. Adapters are included for Jackery, Goal Zero & Suaoki. To be on the safe side. Check the model, size, voltage, and power of your original adapter to ensure compatibility.

Allpowers 100w Solar Panel - Parallel
Connect in Parallel

Connecting up to 3 x 100w portable solar panels together is a great way to expand a system. It will make the system more powerful and will help with charging speed during cloudy conditions.

Polycrystalline panels are relatively inexpensive compared to their monocrystalline counterparts. This could prove really cost-effective, and the more wattage, the better, I say.  

What’s in the box
Allpowers 100w Portable Solar Panel  - Whats in the box

Allpowers 100W foldable portable solar panel suitcase
MC4 to 5.5×2.1mm cable
MC4 to Anderson
Various adapters compatible with other makes and models
Instruction manual

Buy From Allpowers

What Can You Charge With The Allpowers 100w Foldable Solar Panel?


The company says you can use the DC port to directly charge your laptop. Personally, I wouldn’t advise this as the solar panel doesn’t have an onboard solar controller. It’s up to you, but without the controller, you run the risk of discharge.

This is when your laptop battery discharges its charge back into the solar panel. This can occur in low light conditions, and a controller prevents this. You may also run the risk of overcharging; no controller is a disaster waiting to happen. Better to charge your laptop from a solar power station. 

Solar power stations 

The usual way to power or charge electrical things off-grid is to use a fossil-fuel generator. You have probably seen them being used at a traveling fair, on building sites, roadworks, and outdoor events.

They are dirty, smelly, noisy, and pollute the atmosphere. But now, you can enjoy the benefits of off-grid electricity generation using portable solar panels.

Hooked up to a mobile solar power station, also called a portable solar generator. Electricity is produced cleanly, quietly, with no smell, and won’t pollute the atmosphere.

Allpowers 100w Solar Panel - Solar Power Stations
What is a solar power station?

A solar power station is an electric battery with a built-in solar controller, MPPT, and Inverter. They vary in size and weight, dependent on their power output.

Some are the size of a small car battery and tend to be at the lower end of the power output spectrum. The most potent stations capable of powering a domestic fridge freezer need wheels to move them around.

Allpowers 500w/666Wh portable power station 
This video is an Allpowers company promotional video about the 300w solar power station. There isn’t one available for the 500w
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Power Rating500w
Peak Power1000w
Battery Capacity666Wh/185200mAh
Size10.4 x 5.5 x 7inch/26.3 x14 x 18cm
Circuit ProtectionShort Circuit, Over Current, Over Power, Overcharge, Over Temperature
Warranty18 Months
Output ports
Allpowers 500w Solar Power Station
  • 2 x AC: 110V/60Hz Pure Sine Wave
  • 3 x USB fast charge: 5V/3A
  • 1 x Wireless Charging
  • 2 x DC: 12v/15A
  • 1 x cigarette lighter socket: 12V
Input ports
  • AC Input: 110v/60Hz 5A
  • Type-C Input
  • Solar Charger:16.6V-24V/5A (Max)
  • Anderson Input: 16.6V-24V/5A (Max)
  • Car Charger: 12.7V-24V/ 5.0A
Allpowers 500w Solar Power Station -remote

4 Ways to Charge
Intelligent CPU Control
Smartphone remote control APP BlueTooth enabled
Battery management system

LCD display shows:

  • Bluetooth Mode
  • Cooling Vent
  • In/Out Indicator
  • USB Out
  • Time to Empty/Full
  • In/Out Power Balance
  • DC/AC out

1 x  Allpowers 100w portable solar panel will charge the 500w power station in 6 hours. It is recommended that 2 solar panels be used. For cloudy weather, 200 watts will charge faster than 100 watts.

What can I power or charge with the Allpowers 500w Solar Power Station

You can power any AC or DC appliance under a 500-watt rating; 

Allpowers 500w Solar Power Station - Devices
  • Cooler/Mini Fridge
  • TVs
  • Lights
  • Drone
  • Blender
  • Electric Blanket
  • Heated Travel Mug
  • CPAP and more

You can charge most electronic devices;

  • Smartphone
  • Camera
  • Laptop
  • Tablets and more

The power station can also be used in electricity emergencies such as a power outage.

Allpowers 500w Solar Power Station - with 100w Solar Panel
Other power stations available in the Allpowers Range
  • 100w
  • 300w
  • 350w
  • 2000w

A review of Allpowers solar power stations is available here;
Allpowers Solar Generator Review – 4 Portable Power Stations

What other portable solar suitcases are available in the range?

Well, it turns out that there is 1 other solar suitcase in the range. A 200w solar charger with a built-in controller and a couple of USB ports.

Allpowers 200w Solar Panel - Portable Charger
Specs200w Solar Suitcase
Power Rating200w
Solar CellPolycrystalline
Dimensions Folded25.6 x 20.3inch/65 x 51.5cm
Dimensions Unfolded87.8 x 25.6 inch/223 x 65cm
Open Circuit Voltage22.2V
Short Circuit Current12A
Maximum Power Voltage 18V
Maximum Power Current11A

If you feel the 200w version would suit you better. You can buy it here from Allpowers.

What’s Good About The Allpowers Portable Solar Panel

The Price

I don’t think there are many 100w solar suitcases out there that would beat this one on price. If you were thinking about buying a second-hand portable panel. Think again.

You can purchase second-hand mono panels for around this price. But you might be buying something with significant cell degradation to the point that the panel’s efficiency is not that good.

Buying cheap portable solar panels second-hand isn’t always a good idea. I will leave you to think about that.


The Allpowers 100w portable solar panel is straightforward to transport and store. It’s super lightweight will not trouble you if you find carrying weight a chore or have a bad back or physical disability. Even if your car or camper is small, you will be able to find a space for it. 

Allpowers 500w Solar Power Station - Compatibility

Not only is the Allpowers portable solar panel compatible with many solar power stations. If you add a solar controller, you can;

  • Trickle charge your 12v vehicle batteries
  • Charge your RV, camper or caravan/trailer leisure batteries

But because of higher winds, it may be too lightweight for a boat or yacht.

What’s Not So Good About The Allpowers Portable Solar Panel

No USB ports

Allpowers haven’t built a USB charging unit into it. This means it doesn’t have the facility to directly charge small electronic devices. I think this is because it is intended to be used as a portable solar panel only. To charge power stations and by adding a controller vehicle leisure batteries.


The trade-off between weight, portability, and nylon construction may appear to make it flimsy. Sure I wouldn’t use it in high winds. But for use in normal weather conditions, it will be fine. And I think the trade-off is worth the weight and portability gain.

Allpowers 100w Solar Panel - 2 on beach
Polycrystalline solar cells

Many people believe that it has to be monocrystalline solar cells and nothing else will do. If that’s you, that’s fine; this portable solar panel isn’t for you.

But if you are tied to a budget. And looking for an easily transported, lightweight panel, the Allpowers suitcase is for you. There isn’t a great deal of difference in efficiency. The loss of a few percent of efficiency may still provide value for money.

Allpowers 100w Portable Suitcase V  Rich Solar 100w Portable Suitcase

SpecsAllpowers 100w SuitcaseRich Solar 100w Suitcase
Power Wattage100w100w
Solar CellPolycrystallineMonocrystalline
Efficiency21%Up to 23%
ConstructionNylonMetal & Glass
Folded Size20 × 25.6 × 1.2inch/510 × 650 × 30mm27 x 22 x 2.8inch
Unfolded Size48 × 25.6 × 0.4inch/1220 × 650 ×10mm43.3 x 27 x 1.4inch
Warranty18 Months5 Year Workmanship and Materials

The big difference here is the weight and price. This is because of the different construction and solar cell types. The Rich Solar will indeed be a much sturdier unit, and because it has monocrystalline cells, it should perform better.

But if your budget is tight, the Allpowers performance will be nearly just as good. The weight and size of the Allpowers make it far easier to transport. Particularly if you have a small vehicle or lots of passengers.

If Rich Solars portable solar suitcase floats your boat. You can buy it from Rich Solar or take a closer look at it here.

Is The Allpowers Portable Solar Suitcase Any Good?

Let’s take a look at the facts. The Allpowers portable 100w solar panel is lightweight, highly portable, and has a reasonable efficiency rating.

It is a relatively inexpensive alternative to a monocrystalline panel. By the look of the online reviews, this is an excellent portable suitcase. . All this means it’s an easily moved around, efficient, value for money unit. And It’s going to do what it says on the tin.

I hope you enjoyed this review and have found it helpful. If you have any questions about the Allpowers 100w portable solar suitcase. Or want to leave your own personal review, please feel free to leave a comment below.

    Allpowers 100w Foldable Portable Solar Suitcase


    Is It Worth Buying


    Value For Money


    Overall Quality





    • The Price
    • Portability
    • Compatibility


    • No USB Ports
    • Flimsy
    • Polycrystalline
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    1. Thanks for sharing this article.

      I think that if anyone has the space and positioning for a solar panel or few, then they should have them, if they can affod it obviously. Many complain that solar panels are not the ultimate solution to utopia. But every little helps and its all a step towards each of us having self sufficiency.

      1. Hi Kwidzin

        Portable solar panels are all about freedom. If there isn’t a power source available they are your best option. Using a dirty smelly noisy fossil fuel driven power generator for most people is impractical. Many recreational vehicle and tent owners find that solar power enhances their outdoor adventures. 

        Many people are waking up to the fact that you don’t have to install solar to your home. You can use a portable solution for electrical emergencies like power outages and blackouts. And of course there is the day to day money saving aspect. With regard to your electricity bills. 

        And as you say portable solar panels are the first step towards becoming energy self sufficient which can only be a good thing



    2. I have been researching about solar panels. I would like to start a business in this eco-friendly niche. I love the fact that solar panels have become available to the general public. And I also like that the prices have also come down. It’s just a matter of time until solar panels become mainstream. I particularly like the AllPowers brand.

      1. Hi Abel,

        Yes as time goes by the cost of solar panels will come down even further as more people start to use them.  They will become along with wind, wave and other eco-friendly power generation tools. What the world uses to generate electricity. 

        Allpowers are a leading brand in the portable solar power industry. And I will be reviewing more of their products in upcoming articles. So watch this space.



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      Any more info would be much appreciated. Cheers.


    4. Aside from hikers, I see the solar panels for students or youth who are camping.

      But are those even with 120 watts do not have USB? 

      In my country with 2 seasons – sunny and rainy. I think, mothers will be thinking of using solar panels to cut on electricity bill.

      My nephew is helping our families set up a solar panel for house consumption to get lower electric bill. It cost more $5200.00 to set up. 

      There are cases that electric company server pays the solar panel user since it uses up excess energy produced by the consumer.

      Do you have these type of solar panels? Can you also post a review for those that can provide energy for the house needs?

      1. Hi Rose 

        This particular portable solar panel does not have a USB port because it is designed to charge solar power stations. There are loads of panels that have USB’s out there including 120w panels.

        It is great that your nephew is installing solar panels to his home. And yes, the initial cost is high but he will realise the benefits when he starts getting paid by the electricity company.

        Currently I am concentrating on portable solar panels. 

        But if you want to know more about home installation. You can take a look here

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