AcoPower Solar Generator 220Wh And 70w Portable Solar Panel Review

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Welcome to my AcoPower solar generator 220Wh and 70w portable solar panel review. Looking for a smaller, lightweight, easy to set up and use, complete solar generator solution. look no further ….

Product: AcoPower 220Wh Solar Generator With 70w Portable Solar Suitcase
Best Place to Buy: AcoPower
Price: $338.80 (10% Discount using code: TOPPORTABLESOLARPANELS )

70w Portable Solar Panel Suitcase:
Dimensions Folded: 22.05 x 15.7 x 0.79inch/559 x 339 x 20mm
Dimensions Unfolded: 39.2 x 22 x 0.2inch/995 x560 x4mm
Weight: 5.6lbs/2.56kg
Output: 25 Year 85% 
Workmanship: 18 Months

220Wh Power Station:
Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.3 x 3.4inch/249 x 160 x 86mm
Weight: 6.7lbs/2.92Kg
Warranty: 24 months

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AcoPower 220Wh Portable Solar Generator Review 

I will be reviewing the 220wh Solar Power Station and 70w Portable Solar Panel Suitcase. Which together make up a complete solar generator. Presenting what’s good and not so good about the solar generator. Comparing it to the Newpowa 280Wh Power Station and 60w Portable Solar Panel. Looking at other Solar Generators in the AcoPower Range.

A bit about AcoPower

AcoPower was established in 2011 and is based in Los Angeles. They produce solar panels, generators, controllers, inverters, batteries and accessories. They invented the world’s first portable battery powered fridge/freezer.

How Does 220Wh Portable Solar Generator Work?

I will be starting off by telling you all about the 70w Portable Solar Panel Suitcase

The 70w Portable Solar Panel Suitcase
AcoPower Solar Generator 220Wh And 70w Portable Solar Panel Review

The 70w solar suitcase is made from 2 x 35w monocrystalline solar panels. Which fold in the middle suitcase style with adjustable legs. To keep the portable solar panel lightweight. The solar cells are encased in a water resistant glass epoxy board. And laminated with industrial strength PET polymers. 

Suitcase Specs
Solar CellMonocrystalline (SunPower) 
Power output70w
EfficiencyUp to 25%
Construction2 x 35w Solar Panels
Dimensions Folded22.05 x 15.7 x 0.79inch/559 x 339 x 20mm
Dimensions Unfolded39.2 x 22 x 0.2inch/995 x560 x4mm
Open Circuit Voltage21V
Maximum Operating Voltage18V
Short Circuit Current4.1A
Maximum Operating Current3.8A
Monocrystalline solar cells

The monocrystalline solar cells are the most efficient on the market. This is because they are made from single high grade silicone cells. This panel is made from SunPower cells which are the best when it comes to consistent efficiency. And will help in low light or cloudy conditions.


This is a highly efficient solar briefcase with a rating of up to 25% especially when it is stood up on it’s legs. But remember the 25% efficiency will have been achieved under lab test conditions. Which as we all know are ideal for the solar panel. In the real world weather conditions and temperature will play a part. So I would be thinking 25% is achievable but with a cloudless sky and the temperature not being overly hot.

Tip: In case you didn’t know all solar panels lose efficiency in baking hot conditions. So it is best to stand the solar panel up to create airflow around it. This will keep it cooler and standing it up will also help with sunlight collection. 

What do I mean by that?. Well if you lay it on the ground it will produce it’s best sun harvesting when the sun is directly overhead. That means around four hours per day of optimal sunshine collection. But if you stand it up, you can point it at the sun to collect sunlight all day.

70w Portable Solar Panel -Construction

The 70w suitcase is made from water resistant polymers. It has a back layer of glass epoxy board then layers of EVA and ETFE polymers. This makes the solar panel tough and resistant to knocks, bumps and rough treatment. Like moving in and out of vehicles but you should still be careful with it. The materials it is made of are virtually indestructible but it is still a delicate solar panel. The Solar panel itself is waterproof but electrical connections are not. So bring it in if it rains. And don’t leave it out overnight.


The size and weight of the suitcase make it really easy to transport and store. You shouldn’t have too many problems fitting into smaller vehicles. Or finding it somewhere to live when not in use. It’s weight should be ok if you have a disability or a bad back.So not too many worries when it comes to lifting it out of your vehicle’s boot.

70w Portable Solar Panel -Case

The solar panel also comes with a 5v removable solar controller. This is great if you want to leave the power station behind. And still be able to charge your mobile phone on a day out. It can also be used to trickle charge vehicle starter batteries. Or even charge vehicle leisure batteries including lithium.

What Is The AcoPower 220Wh Power Station? 

The portable solar power station is a 220Wh battery that is clean and silent. Unlike using a fossil-fuel portable power station to generate electricity. That’s smelly, noisy, dirty and environmentally unfriendly. It has a built-in inverter and solar controller, I don’t know if it is MPPT enabled. The casing is silver and black and is finished with an easy carry handle. 

220Wh portable power station specs
Battery ChemistryLithium-ion
Power Rating250w max
Peak Power500w
Battery Capacity220Wh
Dimensions9.8 x 6.3 x 3.4inch/249 x 160 x 86mm
Circuit ProtectionOver-Current, Over-Voltage, Over-temperature, Discharging Protection, and Fault Alarm
Three ways to charge the power station
AcoPower 220Wh Power Station - Three Ways
  • 70w portable briefcase
    It will take 4-5 hours to charge using the 70w solar panel under full sunlight. It will take longer in low light or cloudy conditions.
  • AC wall charger
    Using a household electrical plug will allow you to have a fully charged unit. For when you arrive at your destination. It will take 7-8 hours to fully charge using this method.
  • DC cigarette vehicle adapter
    If you didn’t have time to charge the power station with a wall socket before you left for your trip. You can charge it in transit using your vehicle DC cigarette port. Or you can use this charging method in really bad weather at your destination.
Output Ports

2 x USB: 5V-2.4A max
1 x Pure sine wave AC: 100v to 240V/50Hz to 60Hz

1 x DC: 9 to 12.5V/10A max

AcoPower 220Wh Power Station - Output

The power station is really easy to operate without any complicated instructions. It’s a very simple push-button plug-and-play system.

  • On/Off switch will show a blue indicator this means the DC and USB ports are on
  • Turning the AC switch will show a green indicator.
  • 5 x LEDs indicating the power station is charging.
What can I power or charge with the AcoPower 220Wh Solar Power Station?

You can power any AC or DC appliance under 250 watts;

  • Mini Fridge
  • Electric Razor 
  • Fan
  • Drone
  • Light Bulbs
  • Electric Blanket

Which electronic devices will it charge;

  • Smartphone
  • Camera
  • Hand-Held Games
  • Laptop
  • Tablets 
  • Watches and more…..

The Power Station can also be used in electricity emergencies such as a power outage.

The devices the power station will run
The portable solar panel and power station constitute a small solar power generator

This solar generator is not going to set your off-grid power generation on fire. It is a limited system that will charge electronic devices. And power appliances under 250 watts. You need to understand that the higher the wattage of the appliance. The quicker you will drain the battery. So always check the appliances wattage before you plug it into the battery. 

An easy way to calculate how long the battery will last with any given appliance. Is to divide the watt hours (Wh) by the wattage of the appliance. So the power station is 220Wh and a 30 inch TV is 60 watts. Dividing 220Wh by 60w equals 3.66. So a 60w TV would run for roughly 3.5 hours. Before completely draining the power station. And this is without powering or charging anything else. 

As a camping solution it is great because it will power lights, fans and a small camping fridge. It will safely charge all your electronic devices through the USB ports. And the same can be said for home electricity generation during emergencies. It will even keep your home wi-fi going. The average router is 6 watts. That means the router can be run for 36 hours. It’s something to think about. 

What's in the box

What’s Good About The AcoPower 220Wh Solar Generator

AcoPower 220Wh Power Station - Laptop
It’s very portable

Both the solar panel and power station are small with a combined weight of 12.3lbs/5.48KG. To put this into perspective. The ACOPower PLK 100 Watt Solar Briefcase With Solar Controller weighs 14lbs/6.53kg. So when I say it’s light, I mean it’s very light. So it is ideal for small cars, campers and boats even if the vehicle is full of people. 

The 70w solar panel is very efficient

The 70w solar panel is highly efficient and according to all the reports it does exactly what AcoPower says it will do. It will keep the power station charged and 0-100% in 4-5 hours isn’t bad at all.

It’s very easy to use

This truly is an easy-to-use plug-and-play solar generator system. You don’t have to worry about the parts fitting together. They do and you don’t need to be a techie to connect the solar panel to the power station. It is literally one wire with 2 connectors and it’s done. All you then have to do is point the panel at the sun and it will start charging the station.

What’s Not So Good About The AcoPower 220Wh Solar Generator

Charging lights

The blue charging lights can be difficult to see in bright light. To avoid thinking the power station isn’t charging. Get close and cup your hand above them to make it darker to see them.

AcoPower 220Wh Power Station - Lights
Can’t charge and power at the same time

Unfortunately with such a small unit as this you are unable to charge the power station. And power appliances or charge electronics at the same time. 

Power inputs can loosen

There have been some reports that the input ports can become loose over time. This might happen or it might not. But if it happens during the warranty time you know what to do.

AcoPower 220Wh V’s Newpowa 280Wh Portable Solar Generator 

AcoPower 220Wh Power Station with 70w Portable Solar PanelNewpowa 280Wh Power Station with 60w Portable Solar Panel
Solar Panel
Solar CellMonocrystalline (SunPower) Monocrystalline
Power Output70w60w
EfficiencyUp to 25%19% to 21%
Construction2 x 35w Solar Panels2 x 30w
Dimensions Folded22.05 x 15.7 x 0.79inch/559 x 339 x 20mm21.46 x 13.94 x 0.79Inch/545 x 354 x 20mm
Dimensions Unfolded39.2 x 22 x 0.2inch/995 x560 x4mm35.67 x 21.46 x 0.31inch/906 x 545 x 8mm
WarrantyOutput: 25 Year 85% Workmanship: 18 Months12 Month Materials And Workmanship
Power Station
Battery ChemistryLithium-ionLithium-ion
Power Rating250w max300w Continuous
Peak Power500w———
Battery Capacity220Wh280Wh
Dimensions9.8 x 6.3 x 3.4inch/249 x 160 x 86mm9.06 x 4.72 x 7.87inch/230 x 120 x 200mm
Ports2 x USB: 5V-2.4A max.
1 x AC  Pure Sine Wave.1 x DC: 9 to 12.5V/10A max. Cig
2 x USB: 5V-2.4A max.1 x USB-C 5V/3A – 9V/2A PD18W Max
3 x DC 12V/3A1 x DC 12V/8A Cig2 x AC Pure Sine Wave
LCD DisplayNoYes
Circuit ProtectionOver-Current, Over-Voltage,Over-temperature, Discharging Protection and Fault AlarmOver-Current, Over-Voltage,Over-temperature, Overload, Short-Circuit, Overvoltage and Under-Voltage
Warranty24 Months12 Months

These are both easy to use and set up small solar power generators.

Portable Solar Panels

They both have similar power outputs. But AcoPowers has a better solar cell so the efficiency rating is higher. And the extra 10w power output gives it the edge. There is little difference in size between the two. But AcoPowers is lighter by 1.4lbs/0.64Kg. This might be a deciding factor if you find weight a problem. And AcoPower is also offering a better warranty.

70w Portable Solar Panel - Power Station
Portable Power Station

Both power stations’ battery chemistry is lithium-ion. With Newpowa offering a slightly higher power rating and battery capacity. The Newpowa seems to be a slightly larger unit and their weight is about the same. The Newpowa offers 9 output ports against the AcoPower sporting just 3. The Newpowa offers an LCD display but AcoPower offer a better warranty


The Acopower portable solar panel looks to be a better bet. But the Newpowa solar power station offers a little bit more power and more features. While the Acopower offers greater simplicity. Are all the output ports on the Newpowa really necessary in such a small power station? I will leave that up to you to decide.

What Other Products Are There In The AcoPower Range

AcoPower 220Wh Power Station - Range

There are a couple of other complete solar power generators in the range:

PS 100 Power Station With 50w Portable Solar PanelPS 500 Power Station With 120w Portable  Solar Panel
Solar Panel:
Power Output50w120w
Solar CellMonocrystallineMonocrystalline- SunPower
Efficiency20% +Up to 25%
Construction4 x 12.5w3 x 40w
Dimensions Folded14.2 x 11.4 x 2.4inch / 360 x 290 x 60mm22 x 17.3 x 0.8inch / 560 x 440 x 20mm
Dimensions Unfolded53.1 x 14x 0.16inch / 1350 x 355 x 4mm56.7 x 22 x 0.2inch/1440 x 560 x 4mm
Weight5.9 lbs / 2.66kg8.4lbs/3.8Kg
Power Station:
Battery ChemistryLithium-ionLithium-ion
Power Rating200w500w
Peak Power200w Max800w
Battery Capacity154Wh462Wh
Cycles1.200 to 80%1,200 to 80%
Dimensions9.1×3.5×3.5 in / 232.5x90x90mmDimension: 9.1 x 3.5 x 3.5 inch/ 232.5 x 90 x 90mm
Weight3.97 lbs / 1.8 kg13.13lbs/6.0Kg
Output Ports:2 x USB 5V/2.4A Max1 x QC3.0- 5/9V/3A1 x AC Pure Sine Wave2 x USB 5V/2.4A Max
1 X USB-C PD 5-20V/3A1 x QC3.0- 5/9V/3A2 x AC Pure Sine Wave1 x 12v Car Port3 x DC 9-12V/5A 

Is The AcoPower 220Wh Solar Generator Any Good?

If you are looking for a small, lightweight  and inexpensive solar power generator. That is easy to use, set up and maintain. For days out, camping trips, boating or as an emergency backup. To charge essential electronic devices and provide some light and refrigeration during a power outage. I think the AcoPower 220wh portable power station and 70w solar panel is for you. 

If you think you might need something larger take a look at the PS 500 Power Station With 120w Portable  Solar Panel

I hope you enjoyed this review and have found it helpful. If you have any questions about the AcoPower 220Wh Solar Generator. Or want to leave your own personal review, please feel free to leave a comment below.

AcoPower 220Wh Solar Generator With 70w Portable Solar Suitcase


Is It Worth Buying


Value For Money


Overall Quality





  • Very Portable- Small And Lightweight
  • 70w Portable Solar Panel Very Efficient
  • Very Easy To Use


  • Charging Lights Can Be Difficult To See
  • Can't Charge and Power At The Same Time
  • Power Inputs Can Loosen
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  1. Good articles regarding the Solar Generator. For me it is the first time to hear about it. I like it because it is portable and you can use it to power some appliances and lights in the house. The video on Youtube about installation is very easy to set up. Can this portable solar generator power fans and air condition? or you need larger one?

    1. Hi Mohamed yes it will power small fans.

      But to charge larger fans and air-conditioners you would need a larger one. Like the PS 500 Power Station With 120w Portable  Solar Panel.  

      And it is just as easy to set up as the 220wh generator and 70w solar panel. The only real difference is it is more than twice as powerful, has more output ports and it has an LCD display.



  2. Hi. Thanks for this article. It was a pleasure reading it!
    This seems great and effiicient. I believe that it is important that we help the environment in any way every day, with our choices and actions. Now, the Earth needs us. We need start using alternative ways of energy such as solar panels.

    This way we will make a difference together! We need to try!
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Dominique

      What you say hits the nail on the head. And I believe as time goes by solar will be used more and more to help combat climate change. And yes this AcoPower product is an easy to use, inexpensive way to start to do that.



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